Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Mondays

Work has officially blocked all things social so I can no longer log into blogger during my lunch breaks to catch up on awesome blogs or update my own. Lame! You're probably wondering why don't I just update when I get home in the evenings. Well, once I shut my laptop off at work, it stays shut and I don't get back on the internet bc I'm always so darn tired after work. As in I get home and sometimes don't get undressed from work clothes and pass out on the bed until tomorrow tired. Maybe exhausted would have been a better word? Yea. Flipping exhausted!

So guess I'll be updating on my phone on my train ride to/from work. We'll see how this turns out.

Onto today's random thought. Are you on Pinterest? If not, I suggest you go check it out. Now. It's so damn addicting. At least work hasn't found out about Pinterest yet so I can pin my little heart away. Hehe. What was I getting at again? Oh. Right. Pinterest. I'm following a complete stranger's (sounds stalkerish doesn't it? Creepy!) Work it! Board and am totally inspired to lose weight and be fit! Well after a week of following her board, I managed to lose 2lbs! Hoorah!!! No exercise. Just plain watching what I eat. Then the weekend rolled around and that means working at the shop 24/7 and no Internet. No internet means no Pinterest! No Pinterest means no motivation to be slim and mean. Well, I hopped on the scale this morning and hello +2lbs. Not cool. Who knew Pinterest could be so darn empowering?!

Are you Pinteresting it up like it's going out of style? You can find me here!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Always & Forever: Dancing the Night Away

While I was planning on just the MOH and the Best Man giving a toast, these two lovebirds manage to coax the rest of the bridal party into giving one also!
Poor lil bro was so nervous, he shook the entire time!
GM Leang's speech included a reference to the movie "Yes Man"
Which the hubby didn't think was right.
But GM Leang let him know what's up! 
Best Man Lydar's speech was hilarious! 
And everyone agreed!

With heartfelt speeches given, it was time to cut into our Delicious Cake!
Alternate tiers of Princess Cake and Texas Turtle. Just thinking about it makes me drool!

With all formalities officially complete for the day, it was time to get loose!! There might or might not have been lots of some drinking
cheered on by crazy and fun friends.

*All photos above were taken by Colorband PhotoArtisans.

Always & Forever: It's Going to be a Good Night!

Thankfully, the wedding has been nothing but awesome so keeping my smile for all the pictures has been painless! When we retreated to the suite to get my dress bustled, a huge cloud of hot air escaped from under my dress. No, I didn't fart! Geez people!! It was all the hot Texas heat circulating underneath from the bride and groom pictures!

Once bustled, we climbed into the car and made the 20 minute drive to our reception site.

You see, while our parents are quite Americanized, they weren't quite ready to give up the informal Asian reception that hosted a 10 course meal for 300+ people easily. We had 320.
And while my draft of the reception site didn't include a head table, we got one any way.
During the car ride, my corset dress decided to start cutting off breathing rights. I couldn't have been more happy to hop out of the car upon arrival!

We intended on taking photos with each of our guests upon entrance to send with our thank you cards. However, with a majority of the people arriving at the reception prior to us (we were busy looking fabulous for the bride and groom pictures), the bridal party had to round up our seated guests.
They're getting married next!
Our favorite people from the donut shop! 
This family RSVP-ed 15!!! people and drove down 3 cars from
OK to attend my wedding. Talk about love!

Once we were caught up, the flow of things went swimmingly. Sign in guestbook, find escort card, take picture with the (gorgeous) bride and groom, find assigned table with assistance of the ushers, if needed! Oh and don't forget to grab a drink on the way! It's on us!

2 hours later of photo opps with guests (don't remind me. I'm not happy about the late start either. Especially since I wrote in our wedding memo we would be starting promptly. Non of this Asian time mambo jumbo, but I digress), it was time to announce our entrance and get the party started! With the assistance of the Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feeling...", we let everyone know we were ready to have an awesome time!

While we still had every one's attention, we had our first dance to Brad Paisley's "Then".
After a couple minutes of the 8th grade sway, we began giggling and commenting on how the song seemed longer than we remembered it! Then again, we never danced to the song...

At the conclusion of our (never ending) First Dance, my dad welcomed and thanked everyone for being a part of our wedding.
Then he told a little story about his little girl that was uber embarrassing. It involved  Disney World, a tea cup ride, and mixture of H2O with ammonia. I'll leave it at that.
After the laughter settled, my daddy gave a tear jerking toast, which our videographer later on matched beautifully to our video montage.
The speech led us into our Father-Daughter dance to Edwin McCain's "Walk With You".

With all the dances taken care of, it was time for something everyone has been looking forward to - FOOD!! The crab meat with fish mow soup started it all
then the remaining 9 courses followed.

While everyone was busy filling their bellies with yummy food, the bridal party made table rounds.
And because I sat a bunch of Longhorn fans together... 
They found the perfect present for me. 
A bobble head of the Longhorns team mascot - Bevo. 
Doing table rounds is hard work yo! Major thanks to the
MOH for also being the hubby's towel girl too!
And to prove that I'm a good wife.

One last wedding formality left was the bridal party toasts and cut into our cake...

*All photo above were taken by Colorband PhotoArtisans.


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