Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girls, Just Wanna Have Fu-un: The Bachelorette Party

When it came to the party that would signify my one last fling, the girls pursed their lips tight on information. No one wanted to tell me the deets other than we're having dinner and having a good time. Simple enough right? One minor major thing is, while I may be conservative, my girls are the total opposite. These girls know how to have a good time if you know what I mean. So I got super worried about what the big night would entail. Meanwhile, then fiance told me to just let loose and enjoy the evening. He's a keeper when he tells you to not worry about the party even though he knows the girls can be a lil wild sometimes! haha!

The night started at my house where all the girls got ready and awesome friend, Van, designated herself as the DD for the evening. What a sweetheart! If I haven't told you before how awesome she is, well, she totally is, and then some!

First up, dinner at The Fish in Uptown. MOH found an awesome gift certificate through - $100 to spend on food for $40. Score!!! You know what that means right? Ladies - order whatever you like! Don't you just wish you could do that all the time especially during wedding planning? Chiavari chairs are how much? No problem! I'll take it! Oh, the peonies are not in season and will cost extra to ship here? Okay! Le sigh. If only...
Hot Rock - "American Kobe" wagyu with ginger soy
Assorted tempura

Once we were done stuffing our faces with delicious sushi, it was time to open presents!
Some were a little more difficult to open than others.
My MOH offered her muscles on this one!
Looks like I'll be good to go in the lingerie
department for some time!

No party is ever complete without dessert/cake and this party is no exception!! Van's sister-in-law made a cake Keeping in mind this is a bachelorette party, can you guess what design my cake was?? Oh come on! Take a stab. ....... EH! No, it's not something phallic resembling a male jewels. Try again! ......

Ta Da!!
Apparently the corset was too small for the large
chested cake! Oh wait, it was intentional? Gotcha!

You know you want a close up!
It's in my wedding color - (clover) green!!
Please excuse the "nip slip"
After the girls "trashed" it with phallic candies
And cake smashing. It's okay, my face
didn't actually get smashed into the cake!

And don't forget the color coordinated party favors!
More color coordination! LOVE IT!
These guys were filled with condoms, lube,
glow stick bracelets, candy, etc.
Everyone loved em!
Outside of The Fish

After a fun evening of sushi, presents, and cake, it was time to burn off those calories at our next stop. The Ghost Bar!
First of many, many rounds of drinks...
And many, many rounds of shots! I foresee me worshipping
the porcelain throne later this evening. I hope I cleaned it...

And after each shot, I made this face.
Yuck! Not. a. fan.

But alcohol definitely loosens you up and apparently makes everything flipping hilarious. 

And donning the Bachelorette sash gets you a lap dance from fellow clubbers even though you profusely refuse.

While I may have been a weeeeeeee bit drunk tipsy, no amount of alcohol could have blurred my vision when I saw this chica's bootay.
This was the decent picture. The dress was
above her bum bum 95% of the evening. Classy!

Or this guy's cool mojo

Around 2am, we decided  to call it a night, but not without another group pic first (with some strangers)!
Walking into the evening morning after an amazing
time with some of my favorite ladies!

Major kudos to my MOH for planning my one last fling. She even did my makeup and picked out my outfit for me! She did a fabulous job wouldn't you say? Thanks my sister from another father!! Love you!

How did your bachelorette party go? Did your girls keep you in suspense about the details?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Mondays!

Sorry this is a day late and I haven't updated in a week! Such a bad blogger. Work is consuming me, but I know it's no excuse. I do have potential exciting news though so stick with me will ya?

Today's Random Monday Emoticon :

Item in question:
For work, Andrew was sent to Durant, OK, which is about an hour North of Dallas (or so the Choctaw Casino commercials tell me). Van wanted to take a road trip and surprise Andrew so she called the hubs and I up to see if we would like to accompany her on the trip. She offered to drive so we thought heck, why not! Since we were going to wait for Andrew to get off work to have dinner with him, a quick pit stop at a fast food joint was a must. Two hungry chicas - no bueno! Since we're the most indecisive people ever, we pulled into the first fast food joint we saw at the next exit - Taco Bell. And no Mexican food is really complete without salsa right? But if your salsa has the same thought as you, well, you know it's going to be a good day!

Has any coincidental good incidents happened to you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post, Post Wedding Chop

While most people do their Post Wedding Chop (PWC) relatively soon after their wedding, I waited a little while. Why? Well, I started getting attached to my long hair. It was so much fun to curl and style! Plus, I was afraid to let any one person cut it. I've had my fair share of haircuts gone bad. The only two people I trusted to cut my hair - a lady in OK and a guy in Vegas. My last haircut was in December 2009 by the guy in Vegas. By January 2011, this was what my hair looked like:
No trim or anything for 13 months! Yikes!

Fortunately and unfortunately, when my hair grows in length, it also grows in thickness, which causes constant headaches when the hair was up in a ponytail. Foodie friend, Van's sister in law was a hairstylist and offered to give me an awesome discount. Score! What's up with haircuts starting at $40+ any way?! Sheesh! While my head was ready to have the hair chopped off, I wasn't quite ready. Freaking out as I sat in the stylist chair, I asked for a trim. Of 6 inches. And major thinning out. While 6 inches might sound a good chunk, you couldn't really tell...

Fast forward to last Thursday, my hair was once again getting ridiculously long and heavy.
Sporting the Mavs jersey bc I'm going to
the Mavericks' Championship parade since
the start of the parade is only a few blocks
from where I work downtown!

Can't even see who's jersey I'm sporting!

I think I could give a Kentucky Derby
thoroughbred a run for its money when
comparing ponytails. What do you think?

With a few deep breaths of courage, I scheduled an appointment with Kathy to bid my long hair farewell. At the salon, we discussed a few options: length, style, etc. My only criteria - shoulder length. I wasn't brave enough to go any shorter than that. Plus, I knew I'd be growing my hair out for a few weddings next year. I didn't want to deal with the growing pains of hair growth during the "not long and not short phase, but can't do much with it right now" drama. Some contenders:
Gwyneth Paltrow's angled bob

Heidi Klum's layered bob

Sandra Bullock's sleek bob

The verdict?
Right after the cut. Please excuse the shiny
face. It was blistering hot outside at the
Mavs parade!

And just for kicks and giggles, I added a little volume to it via my straightener for work on Monday:
Yucky iPhone picture. Sorry!

So what do y'all think?

How long did it take you to do your post wedding chop? Were you attached to the longer hair or were you totally ready to hack it off??

Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Mondays!

Today's Random Monday emoticon:

Item in question:
Kroger has a reward program (Plus Card) where you get discounted prices on certain items based upon the weekly ad, but no matter what, you earn points for items you purchased ($1 on groceries = 1 point, while 1 prescription fill = 50 points). For every 100 points accumulated, you receive $0.10 off per gallon of gas! Not too shabby of a reward with gas prices being ridiculous at almost $4.00/gal! There are very few items we purchase at Kroger, but when we do, it's in massive quantities

Previously, the gas discounted limited you to $0.10 off per transaction, therefore, if you earned 400 points, you were entitled to $0.10 off a gas fill four times, not $0.40 off your next fill. Bummer. Now, Kroger has a new feature to their reward program which got us super excited! You can now stack the points for an even larger discount on gas, up to $1.00 off per gallon! Oh yeaaaa! Our recent cost per gallon?

What exciting news have you gotten recently?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Misunderstanding can be a good thing!

If you recall (or don't, but that's okay), I exchanged the engagement session of our photography package with a boudoir session. You see, when I Wikipedia-ed "boudoir", the definition was "a lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room." I thought it meant the photographers were coming in a lil early the day of the wedding to capture me getting ready because the package only included 8 hours. Perfect! I'd love to have pictures capturing the moments of putting on makeup, the girls/guys laughing with excitement, etc. Enter the increasing popularity of boudoir shoots on Weddingbee. Hrm... This is interesting. Girls taking pin up girl pictures in their lingerie or with the classy illusion of them being naked.
Uh oh.

What did I sign up for?!

So I went back to Wikipedia only to realize I failed to scroll down to where an explanation of what a boudoir is in relation to photography - "...create a set of sensual images for women in "boudoir style". This often takes the shape of partly clothed images or images in lingerie, and has become more than just a passing fad for brides to surprise their future husbands." *face palm*

Okay. Breathe Alice. Just. Breathe. Oh who am I kidding! I totally panicked. Sheltered, conservative me just signed up for a risque photoshoot with 2 GUY photographers. *gulp* Then, I saw the light as I was browsing through more boudoir photos. It doesn't have to be all sensual. They can be fun and light hearted.

Above two photos are from Stacy Reeve's Racy
Steeve's Portfolio

I could do this. This could be fun. I'll be out of my element, but I think this would be a great gift for the hubby and a great workout motivation for me. I quickly texted my MOH and seeked advice. She's likes to call herself, um, "fashion forward". I'll leave that up for your own interpretation. So she gave me some makeup pointers (since I wear none) and what type of lingerie, accessories, and shoes I should start shopping for.

The morning of the shoot, I showered, put my makeup on (false lashes and all! Aren't you impressed??) and attempted to curl my hair a la Kim Kardashian.
Love her curls!! I. Want.

Only to give myself a nasty burn. on the neck. Awesome.
That's what mine looked like. Sigh.

Just in case you forgot, it's a boudoir shoot. As in, I'm just wearing a bra and panties. Just. Great. On the brink of tears, I texted Jamie, one of the photographers, of my horrible predicament. To cheer me up, Jamie responded, "We'll utilize your long beautiful hair to cover up some, if possible. If not, that's what photoshop is for!" With my mind a little more at ease, I headed out to the Skirvin Hotel to get my sexy on.

With the bridal session the day before as a trial run with my photographers, I couldn't be more confident in them capturing the pictures that would be a gift to my future hubby on the day of our wedding. Was I still nervous? Heck yea I was, but I felt something come over me and I was ready to rock this shoot.

When the pictures were available for viewing, I was completely ecstatic about them. I loved them!! After it was all said and done, I felt the shoot was more for me than for the hubs, but don't tell him that! If anything, after we have a kid or two (in the future), I can grab these photos and reminisce about the awesome bod I once had, but will never have again. Sigh... Thanks future kids, not!

While I kept the shoot totally PG/PG-13, I'm not going to post pictures of me in just a bra and panties all over the web (although it's pretty much just like bikinis no?). With this post being rated G now, I'll give you a lil peek into my boudoir (headshot) session!

Anybody else as naive as I was and misunderstood what a boudoir shoot was? Would you do a boudoir shoot? If not, I would totally recommend it!

*All photos were taken by Colorband PhotoArtisan unless otherwise stated.


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