Meet the Crazy People

Until I met the hubs, I was a super sheltered child being the first born AND a girl of Asian parents, but am their pride and joy. I'll let your mind do the natural thing of assuming all things possible with that description so I'll jump ahead and tell you the thereafter!

I received my BBA from the University of Oklahoma in 2007 in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Accounting. Boomer Sooner baby! Upon graduation and completion of my summer internship, I accepted my first real job with an independent consulting firm in Dallas, TX as an IT Risk Consultant. In 2009, I transitioned into a new industry (financial services) as a Senior (IT) Analyst. While my corporate job keeps me plenty busy on the weekdays, but weekends are occupied with helping the hubs out at the shop! In the unfortunate event of an employee calling in sick or terminating without any notice, you can find me there on the weekdays from 2:30am until 6:00am in which I then leave to get ready for my corporate job! Coffee times 4 anyone?? Ha!

The hubs attended the University of Houston in pursuit of obtaining his Doctor of Pharmacy, but in early 2008, he was propositioned to purchase a small business - a donut shop! Seeing the possibilities, he purchased the business and hasn't looked back since!

The shop is open at 3:00am, 7 days a week and we only close once a year from Christmas Day until New Year's day. Yup, that means we're open 357 days a year! It's quite a hectic life and our social life is non-existent if you don't call us a day or two in advance to "pencil you in" on our schedule.

In December 2009, the hubs proposed and we got hitched in September 2010. We hope to make our money work for us one day and have a few ideas queued up. Follow along (only if you want to, of course) on our crazy (and sleep deprived) journey of life and see where our next adventure takes us! Preferably something that allows us to sleep in a little and not work 7 days? That'd be fabulous!!


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