Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul

No, not this Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Although I remember those inspirational books being uber popular during grade school days. I'm talking about this chicken soup for the soul:

You see, I was craving something brothy (is that a word??) the other night (why? I have no idea. I just did!) and it got me drooling thinking about all the different soups my dad used to make for dinner. It made a nightly appearance at dinner, no matter what. Soup just gives off that special warm, fuzzy feeling. *snuggle*

I previously mentioned my dad is the most awesome chef - ever! Unfortunately, the seasoning in his (non-existent) recipes consist of one thing - "you just taste it", and I can't cook anything without a written down, precisely measured recipe!

Ladies and gentleman, embrace yourself because I made my dad's chicken soup last night, without a recipe! I seasoned it by "just taste it" and it actually turned out good! Not great, but good (it was a little on the sweet side and I overcooked the chicken because I didn't turn the pot off in time. wah wah waaaah).

The following recipe requires a trip to the Asian market. On the other hand, you can pick up a lot of stuff while you're there and it's usually a little cheaper than regular grocery stores. Especially in the vegetables department! Just don't mind the grimy floors and the potential bumping and pushing of other patrons with their shopping carts... Have I already turned you away from making this recipe?? Oops! You could always order stuff via the internet! That's what we all do now days any way right??

Recipe was adapted from my dad!

Cornish hen
2 handfuls of Dried lycium fruits*
8 pieces of Rhieong Dioscoreae*
3-4 pieces of Codonopsis pilosula root*
1 tsp Monosodium glutamate

Note: Normally, it's cooked in a regular pot for 50 minutes, but I didn't want to wait that long after I get home from work so I stuck it in a crockpot!

1. Rinse off your hen. If you prefer lean soup, remove all the skin from the hen. Place the hen into the crockpot and fill with water about 3/4 full. Add the dried lycium, rhieong dioscoreae, and codonopsis pilosula root into the crockpot.** Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

2. Season with sugar, salt, and very, very little MSG to your liking. Spoon out the chicken and broth into a bowl and serve with rice. And since I forgot to take a picture of it plated last night, here's a pic from my lunch leftovers!

I like to combine my rice and soup, but you can serve
each item separately to avoid "cross contamination"

And that's it! Comfort food in mah belly!! What's your favorite comfort food? Are there any recipes your parents used to make that you (would) replicate?

Oh! and while I was prepping dinner, this is what the two girls we're doing:

They make baby dog-sitting a breeze!

*At the Asian market, these can be found packaged together in the spice aisle. The pre-packaged ones also include additional spices, but I find them unnecessary. I prefer to buy the spices individually to avoid waste and have plenty for next time!

**If you don't mind waiting or normally have a later dinner, cook the hen and spices in a regular pot on high until it begins to boil. Turn the temperature down to medium-low, and cook for 50 minutes.

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  1. Yum! I just broke-in my slow cooker yesterday so I've been looking for recipes!



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