Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap (Mar 12 & Mar 13)

This past weekend was productive - for me at least (I'm only productive when the hubby's not home. Otherwise, I'm the laziest bum bum ever! Weird right?). The hubby went clay shooting with Andrew on Saturday so I ran (okay, not literally run there. I drove there.) to Home Depot to inquire of yard products to tackle the weeds (the garden weeds, not the puff puff mmmmthisshitisgood weed. Although I'm sure I would need to get rid of those as well if they showed up on my property...). When we first purchased our house, the previous owners had let their flowerbed shrubs outgrow and become shrub-trees.

I promise our house is behind the forest of trees shrubs

Last year, we chopped down the overgrown trees shrubs and hired some tree experts to grind down the stumps so that we could make our flowerbed all pretty and be proud of our work.

Who doesn't want a house with a pretty curb appeal
filled with colorful perennials and pruned shrubs!

Unfortunately, we got lazy and let the donut shop run our lives so instead of planting pretty flowers and new shrubs, the (garden) weeds beat us to the punch line.
Weeds = not pretty. at all.

So off to Home Depot I went to put my green thumb to work. Since weeds are already infiltrating our yard and flowerbed, fertilizing with pre-emergent wouldn't do. Therefore, I consulted the Home Depot garden experts and with a sly smile and some "follow me to the good stuff" acknowledgement, they put these bad boys in my cart.
Supposedly the good stuff - we'll see!

So I headed home with the secret weapons (the weeds won't even know what hit 'em! muahaha!) and put on some weed combating clothes similar to this:

Okay, so in reality I was in gym shorts, a tshirt, and tennis shoes, but can't a girl fantasize about being Angelina Jolie in a rocking body and doing killer secret agent moves?? I got to reading the instructions and (while pretending to be Angelina Jolie) began drowning the weeds in pesticide! The container said "visible results in 6 hours" so when I went to check on them the next day, the broad leaf weeds wilted, but the shamrock looking ones were still thriving! What the heck?! Maybe I need to give them a bigger dose of the weed killer meds? I'll do that later tonight, and report back with the results. Once all the weeds are dead and pulled, we'll actually plant something this year! Woot woot! Pretty curbside appeal, here we come!!

Sunday was dim sum with some friends after the shop - YUM!! And we zonked out at 5pm until Monday morning. We can hibernate like koalas if we're tired enough. This past Sunday was definitely one of them!

How was your weekend and when are you most productive? Any recommendations on how else to kill these darn weeds, especially the shamrock/clover looking ones???


  1. What a cute home you have! I am jealous that you are in Texas because that means you are in warm weather. We MAY see temperature of 40 degrees this week making it the warmest day so far this year! UGH!!!




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