Friday, April 22, 2011

And pose! And pose! And pose!

With each photographer's flash going off, that was one minute slipping away from us from booking the perfect photographer. Our criteria for our photographer - photojournalistic style capturing candid moment pictures like this:

And then Vanity Fair-esque pictures like this:

And my heart always melts when I see the bride and groom kissing like this:

From Mrs. Nachos Wedding Recaps
on WeddingBee courtesy of Bill Payne

Unfortunately, everyone I inquired of was either A) not available on our date, B) they required my first born, or C) if they were available and didn't require my first, I was feeling "eh" about them. Sigh...

Enter Facebook and tons of my high school classmates getting married. I decided to photo stalk 2 of my friend's wedding albums (hey! They put it on Facebook so it's free game to browse right?). I instantly fell in love with their photos and immediately contacted their respective photographers.

Very Vogue no?

So dramatic - swoon

I love how the photographer captured
the emotions here

Another dramatic photo while getting ready

Can you tell why I was swooning so much? I was in. love. After much debate between the two, we chose Colorband PhotoArtisans to be our photo capturing companions for our wedding! We are so excited to have Roy and Jamie be part of our entourage and can't wait to see what they will capture on their lenses!

How did you choose your photographer?

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  1. How cool! We (ok I) definitely chose on how they captured emotions of the day :)



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