Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Extreme Blog Makeover

Take a look around. Notice anything new today?? I HAVE A NEW BLOG DESIGN thanks to Rachel at just b.CAUSE. What do you think because I LOVE it!!

Rachel was a sweetie to work with and I'm completely jealous of her creativity and handiwork with blog designs. She designs headers, badges, and even full on blog makeovers in exchange for your donation to a non-profit organization. Her devotion to supporting and bringing awareness to non-profit organizations is inspiring. I'd say that's a pretty awesome deal if you ask me! It's like paying it forward to a non-profit organization that is constantly researching and supporting a good cause. Can't beat a win, win situation.

Stop by her blog to say hello and a thank you from me for her awesome work! Or maybe you need a little sumpin sumpin for your blog? Rachel's got you covered!

Thank you so much, Rachel!!


  1. Oh wow! It's so snappy, cheerful and vibrant! Love it!!!

  2. :-) This post made me smile so big! "Sumpin sumpin"! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you! And thank you for choosing to support March of Dimes with your blog look!


  3. Love how cheerful and fun it is!



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