Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saying Yes to A Dress

Boy, oh boy, oh boy. The wedding dress. THE wedding dress. Most girls have had their wedding planned out since the sweet age of 2 and have dreamt about what kind of dress they wanted to dance the night away in with their Prince Charming. Me? Does starting to look at dresses a month into planning count?

After looking through a Brides and D Weddings magazines, I bookmarked some dresses I liked and called to schedule my first appointment at Stardust Celebrations. With my family and bridal party all out of state, I knew this wouldn't be the first wedding task to tackle on my own. Honestly, I was okay with it. I didn't wanna induce additional stress on anyone. Plus, since I had absolutely no idea what I wanted, I doubt they wanted to spend hours watching me try on dresses just for kicks and giggles.

After hitting up 5 bridal salons, I started getting frustrated and disappointed. I couldn't find one potential dress and the consultants weren't always pleasant to deal with (one store left me on my own once they put all the gowns in the dressing room. Have you ever tried lacing up a corset dress or pinning it all in yourself? It's rather difficult). I would like the neckline of one, but dislike everything else. Like the bodice on another, but nothing else, so forth and so forth. The thing I did know was I was starting to get a collective idea of what type of dress I did want - rouched bodice, sweetheart top, empire waist, and slim A-line with pick-ups.

While I knew what type of dress I was looking for, I was also curious of trumpet gowns and decided to try one on for the heck of it. While I really liked it, neither my mother nor my FMIL approved. Moving on.
David's Bridal - Oleg Cassini CRL 277

One day while waiting to checkout at Wal-Mart, I was flipping through a bridal magazine (don't recall which one) and noticed some dresses displaying multiple characteristics of things I did like in a dress - rouched bodice, sweetheart necklines. Okay. Okay. I think we're onto something here! After looking for the tiny print mentioning who the designer was, I went home and googled Demetrios and the Sensualle Collection.

There was a store in the next town over and then fiance stated since it was still early in the evening, I should head over and check them out. The store was empty, but the consultant was super friendly and asked what type of dress I had in mind. I told her what characteristics I had in mind and she said she had just the dress for me, but told me to browse the various collections and pull out a few I'd like to try on.

We saved the one she picked for last. While I didn't fall in love with it, the consultant kept ooo-ing and ahh-ing all over it (this was a first!). Plus, I could see potential in it.
Demetrios Sensualle GR169

Not completely sold, I told the consultant I would return with my mother in a few weeks to decide. It also happened to be the weekend of a trunk show! Yay for 20% off everything I purchased that day.

Ultimately, my mother liked it and I was tired of searching for THE dress so I said "Yes to A Dress" and called it a day. I also purchased my elbow length veil that day for $50. What's up with a piece of tulle costing so darn much?! Will the dress grow on me? Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Anybody else not have a "OMG! Waterworks-thisisTHEdress" experience or is the tomboy in me just too dominating?


  1. I definitely didn't have a The One moment either!

  2. You looked hot in that dress so even if the drss was not The One, you were still GoRGEOUS!

    I've always thought I wouldn't like strapless dress and I want at least spaghetti straps but I'm beginning to change my mind.



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