Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diarrhea of the brain

Today's post is just a brain dump/whiny waa waa poor me blurb so feel free to move along to other happier and well thought out posts! I just need to vent.

.... Are we clear now? Cool.

Firstly, I had a pretty crappy 1 year wedding anniversary and am coming to terms with it. 3 weeks after the fact. Yea, I have a slight thing for holding grudges so sue me.

Secondly, work is overwhelmingly busy/stressful. As in 12+ hours a day busy. Where I come home and plop on the bed without changing out of work clothes and pass the eff out busy. And will continue to be so until January 2012. One of our managers quit and while I was originally hired on for IT stuff, I've inherited all international financial stuff also. That's what you get for double majoring in MIS and Accounting in college. While I don't mind helping out a lil, this is overload galore on my plate for being the low man on the totem pole. Aka I'm super under paid for what I'm doing. Optimistically, at least I have a job and am glad my managers trust me to handle it all. However, I hope my other managers see what I'm doing and how hard I'm working so maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel?? Oh here's another bonus! I've lost 3 lbs and am at my go happy ideal weight! Yay me!!

Thirdly, we recently bought 21.55 acres that came with a 2000 sq ft manufactured home, a barn, and three sheds. Fun stuff. The place was neglected so it's a mess and we're cleaning it up. However, we have interested parties in renting the place already. Which is great but hello! Place is not ready for renters. Hubby is a social butterfly so we pretty much have a family standing in our doorway ready to sign lease papers. Um. I have never done this before so on top of 12+ hour work days, I'm researching on being landlords and drafting up tenant applications and lease agreements.

Fourthly (is that a word??), our pool sprung a leak (somehow two holes decided to make my pool their home) so add finding a reputable but cheap contractor to my to do list.

5) yea I totally just changed up the sequential format. Any who, we have a potential buyer for our shop. While it means I get my weekends back (whoa! Weekends? Free time?? What's that?) I'm also frightened. I absolutely LOVE our shop and I'm not sure I'm quite ready to part with it just yet. The shop has enabled us to be financially sound. Heck, our un-conceived kids have more money than we do right now! It was also the hubby's job. I'm worried about what his next steps will be. It's a long story so just pray for him. For the both of us. Meanwhile, no donut shop means we can start thinking about kids. And EVERYONE knows the hubster has baby fever. Bad! But are we mentally ready? Let's reconvene late 2012 mmmk? k!

6) laundry and dishes are always clean, but the house is never guest ready. I'm uber embarrassed but just don't have the energy to clean. Any recommendations on house cleaners in North Dallas or how to hire a trustworthy one?? I'm skeptical on hiring anybody. It is my home after all. Messy or not!

7) all this stress is making my face break out like I'm going through puberty again. I'm so embarrassed and it's not cute in corporate world or in life. Talk about low self esteem. Sigh.
Major props to people/parents that do it all. In style. Without complaints. Like a pro. Teach this grasshopper how you do it please? Seriously.

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  1. Awww....I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time right now. Hope everything goes smoothly for you! Leading a stressful life is bad for your health!



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