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Christmas 20 1 1 : Whistler

Annually, the hubby and I close the donut shop down from Christmas Day till New Year's day to take our Christmas vacation. While our customers are a little bitter about the week long donut hiatus, they know we really need this vaca since we're open every day of the year! This year's locale: Seattle, Whistler, and Vancouver!

We flew into Seattle late Christmas Eve. Upon arrival and locating our hotel at 8pm, we were ravenous for some food! Long and behold, everyone else shut their businesses down early to spend time relaxing and consuming Christmas cheer. After 10 minutes of walking around downtown Seattle, we found two restaurants open - Benihana's and P.F. Chang's. We chose...

They were surprisingly busy! Too tired and with nothing else open, we turned in for the evening to gear up for our 4 hour drive up to Whistler the next day.

Merry Christmas!! *chirp chirp* The various breakfast joints we marched up and down the San Francisco like hills in search of a good breakfast joint were closed. Bah humbug! Not even Starbucks was open!! Really?! The one place that was?

Aren't you jealous of our Christmas vacation already?? Yea, didn't think so.
Us outside of Subway with the waterfront in the back

The hubby and I ordered a foot long flat bread ham, egg, and cheese for $5 and took it back to our hotel room for consumption. We washed it down with the hotel's complimentary tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

Our 2011 Christmas card.
Card from

As we were packing up to head out, the hubby and I decided to have dim sum in Richmond, Canada en route to Whistler. It'd help break out the 4 hour drive and give us some fuel for the belly. Plus, we're total dim sum fiends. Ask our friends. It's ridiculous. Being Christmas day, we weren't sure if the restaurant would be open or not. Then again, Asian restaurants are always open. Always. Have you not seen the movie A Christmas Story? Proof right there! So the odds were in our favor.
Beautiful Seattle scenery en route to Canada
Welcome to Canada!
And this is how Canada welcomed us, lots and lots of rain

Sure enough, as we exited into Richmond, all the Asian restaurants had beaming OPEN signs. Looks like we're having dim sum for lunch!
Did you know Canadians consume their dim sum without soy
sauce, red vinegar, and chili oil?! We thought it was the norm! 
The most petite egg tarts I have ever seen.
They were the size of my siu mai!

With our bellies full, our journey to Whistler continued.

While Richmond welcomed us with rain, Whistler welcomed us with snow! Hello white Christmas!!
We stayed at The Coast Blackcomb Suites which was a ski-in/ski-out resort! It also meant every room had a fully equipped kitchen, dining/living area with a (non functional) fireplace, and balcony!

After a few hours of relaxing and enjoying the beautiful white snow, we decided to pick up our skis and snowboard so we could fully utilize our ski-in/ski-out privilege early next morning. Unfortunately, the ski rental place was at the bottom of the slope.
A very long, and somewhat steep slope.

Proud that we managed to get down the mountain without falling, we had one more issue to tackle. Where in the world was the rental shop?! Even after asking 2 people of its location, we still wandered aimlessly. After a good 30 minutes of cardio walking (you try not slipping on ice and walking effortlessly in a foot of fresh powder!), we found it. YAY!

While elated at the sight of our "lost treasure", it was celebrated much too soon. The shop was closed. *$&@%#+~^! Nooooo! Defeated, we started our trek back up the moonlit path on the mountain. Cardio workout #2.

However, not all was lost as we had a nice fancy dinner to get ready for! After a quick change in clothes, we took the complimentary shuttle to Whistler Village. The village was lined with numerous shops and decked with plenty of holiday cheer. After watching the 2010 Winter Olympics on NBC for its 2 week duration, I felt like I was living the experience!

As our reservation at Hy's Steakhouse was rapidly approaching, we stopped in at one of the shops to inquire directions. They even provided us a short cut. Sweet!

Hy's welcomed us into their warm and cozy abode by offering a coat check prior to escorting us to our table. The restaurant was bumbling with stories and laughter as friends and family enjoy Christmas dinner. Not needing much contemplation of menu choices, we ordered the roasted prime rib of beef and a Caesar salad.

Hy's even provided us complimentary dessert to celebrate our engage-aversary! What a great way to end Christmas day.

Tomorrow, we will dominate the mountains and ski like we're going for the Gold! Or so we thought...
The 2010 Winter Olympic logo

P.S. If you're wondering what's going on with our family since Christmas is usually spent with family. The hubby's family went to Cambodia for the month of December and my family always spend Christmas in Vegas. Always. Don't worry! We spent time with our loved ones in the weeks prior to everyone's departure to their Christmas destinations!

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