Monday, February 27, 2012

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My cousin from the land down under is taking a 6 week(!) vacation to tour the U.S. Last weekend, he made a pit stop in his itinerary to stop in Dallas to visit family. The last time I saw him was in 2005 (with a family entourage of 17 travelled down under), and barely got to see him. Now that we're all a lil older and a lil more mature, I couldn't wait to reconnect with him. Him and his girlfriend, Lisa, are travelers extraordinaire. They've been to Fiji, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand just to name a few, and I wanted the low down of their adventures!

They landed in DFW on Thursday evening (Feb 16), and took them out to eat a Chuy's. Unfortunately, our 9pm bedtime came much too fast and we had to part ways. They were driving up to OK the next morning to meet up with the rest of the family and catch a Thunder game. Excited that they would get to spend time with more family in my hometown, I was sad that our time together was so short. And I totally forgot to take pictures with them. Super sad face.

Fortunately, my cousin that would be driving my Aussie cousin and his girlfriend took a detour South to have lunch with me prior to them heading to OK. You see, my cousin lives in Frisco, so for her to drive to downtown Dallas just so that I could have lunch with them totally made my Friday. I almost cried happy tears for a few more hours with them. The hubby even closed up shop a lil early to haul ass to have lunch with us at Perry's Steakhouse. Y'all need to have their pork chops. All 16oz of it. For lunch. Dinner is 32oz. Just saying.

On an extremely full belly and happier mood, I returned to work and they headed up North. Again, forgetting to take a group picture even though I mentioned I wanted one. Picture fail.

Sunday afternoon came with a quickness, and my parents along with my Aussie cousins came back down to Dallas in order for them to catch their flight out to Atlanta. We met up with them for lunch at a sushi buffet, and since they had a lil more time to burn prior to their flight, we took them to the Galleria. They were interested in checking out the All American Girl store, and were flabbergasted by the magnitude of the store and all that it had to offer to little girls. We chit chatted as we strolled around, and for the first time, I felt like my cousin and I really connected. Winning!

As we bid our final good byes at the Galleria rooftop parking garage (it was hella busy, darn President's Day sales going on. Ha!), the hubby reminded me I  really, really, really, need to get a picture with my cousins as this was the final opportunity. Thank goodness for the reminder because I totally would have bid adieu with yet again, no picture!
Just the "kiddos"

With my parents

The hubby and I wanted to travel to Australia for our Christmas vaca in 2011, but flights at $2,000 per person deterred us away pretty quickly. Ouch on the pocket book!! With my cousins recent visit, the hubby and I once again have the itch travel down under this Christmas. Here's to hoping we find a killer deal on flights!

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