Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christmas 20 1 1 : Seattle Day 1

We woke up early and headed downstairs to Sweet Carrie's to pick up some additional treats for our ride to Seattle. We bought a pecan tart, minced pie, strawberry rhubarb tart, buttermilk tart, white chocolate chip macademia cookie, chocolate chip cookie, and a peanut butter cookie. Which half was consumed within 10 minutes into our drive to Seattle. Don't judge. And it's totally acceptable to eat dessert for breakfast while on vacation.

Thinking our drive would take us no more than 3 hours, we started debating on where would lunch once we got to Seattle. That was until we started approaching the border check and signs politely notified us that lunch was not feasible. Current wait time? 90 minutes. Wah wah wahhh.

Well folks, it took more than 90 minutes to go through border check, and we still had a 2 hour drive to Seattle. Current time, high noon. Good thing about coming back to the U.S., we can text and use our phones 3G for maps and locating addresses!! WOOHOO!! Who knew something so simple could make us so happy. Ha!

At 2pm, we were finally starting to see bits and pieces of Seattle as signage for Bellevue began to appear. I was getting pretty darn cranky at this point due to tiredness and fear of starvation. Y'all, I was getting HUNGRY. I ate half of my protein bar when we were in line at the border, but the hubby said it stank so me being the courteous wife, wrapped up my bar and put it away.

We decided to check into our hotel real quick and throw down some Pike Place Chowder. It was a little bit of a challenge to find since it was tucked away in Post Alley, but once we ordered and found a place to sit (at the bar), we couldn't wait to reward our taste buds and belly with world famous chowder.
I ordered a cup of New England Chowder and the hubby ordered Combo #1 (your choice of cup of chowder (New England) and half a sandwich (dungeness crab)

Oh. My. Goodness. Y'all, THIS. is clam chowder. It was soooooooooo good. It was a little thick/creamy for me, but I couldn't stop shoveling spoonfuls of chowder into my mouth. It was just too good*. We didn't care much for the sandwich or sourdough bread, but totally could have gone for seconds (and maybe thirds) of the chowder. With our taste buds and belly completely content, we casually walked through the market to walk off the heavy dosage of cream. We observed a few things and kept mental notes of what we wanted to come back to see more of.

Exhausted, we made the short 4 block walk back to our hotel (wasn't a fan of our hotel, but the location can't be beat) to get some relaxation in prior to dinner at The Crab Pot. Sounds familiar? It's because it was one of Adam's Man vs Food places to eat!

We decided to walk to dinner to help build up our appetites (we walked EVERYWHERE actually, and loved it!). Although I could have done without the killer 75 steps steep stairway to the ocean front. More room/justification for the food, right? Yea!

After a 30 minute wait at the restaurant, our names were called and we were seated with menus promptly placed in front of us. However, we knew exactly what we wanted - The SeaFeast.
Mallet - check
Bib - check

After a brief 10 minute wait, seafood was poured in between us onto the butcher paper, and surprisingly, we managed to compose ourselves for a quick photo op WITH the food...
...before devouring it all...
...20 minutes later.

I'll let you decide if the food was good or not. Bellies full meant it was to time to trek back up those steep 75 steps and a few blocks walk to our hotel on 5th. We can't wait to see what Pike's Market has to offer us (to eat) tomorrow! Can you tell Seattle is going to be ALL about the food?

*The hubby later told me when he was finished eating his chowder, he was extremely tempted to take a few spoonfuls out of my cup. Normally, I'm all for him finishing my meal, but I told him good thing he didn't this time because a fight might have occurred... Just saying.


  1. That seafood looks so good!!

  2. Looks like a place my husband would absolutely love!!

  3. YUM looks so good! I could use some of that chowda' right now!



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