Monday, January 12, 2009

The Proposal

It was the day before Christmas 2009. The weatherman forecasted one of the craziest snow storms to hit Dallas in a long, long time. This was also the day Sothea and I were to leave for our yearly vaca. We closed down the shop a few hours earlier than anticipated, afraid that we would get caught up in the snow and not make it to the airport in time. While we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, the heavy impending snow made it known that no one was to leave DFW that day to enjoy their holiday. DFW was operating on one runway. We sat in the waiting area wearily watching the announcement board delay our flight, one hour at a time.

9 hours later, our flight made it in. An astounding sound of relief and exuberance was heard by everyone on our flight. We would finally be jetting off to our well deserved vaca! 12 hours later, we landed in good ole Vegas and couldn't wait to check in at the hotel to get some shut eye. It's been over 24 hours since we've slept. No bueno!

It was Christmas Day and after sleeping in for the first time in 12 months, we were ready to get this party started! My dad heard about the Charleston Mountains an hour outside of Vegas that offered 3 slopes of wintry fun. Snow in Vegas?? In the middle of the desert?? Get out of here! We love skiing/snowboarding so we decided we would venture to said place and check them out! But not without me first driving in the opposite direction for an hour! Oops! I wanted to check out the slopes in Utah too.... =\

2.5 hours in the right direction later, we arrived at Charleston Mountains! There's snow up on these mountains yo!! Like for real snow, not that artificial stuff they fabricate sometimes to make up for the snow deficit on some mountains!

We didn't know exactly what the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort had to offer, but we knew we'd be back tomorrow to take them for a test run.

It's the day after Christmas and my family finally made it to Vegas after their flight being cancelled and rescheduled for a departure of 4 days later. I'll wait a second so you can read that line again. Yup, 4 days later. So they decided to rent a car and drive to Vegas from OKC. Yikes!! Upon their arrival, Sothea and I told them we were going to hit the slopes, and they happily joined us!

It was our last run of the day as we dismounted the chair lifts at the top of the mountains when Sothea suggested we take a picture together since we rarely get those. Excited at the great suggestion, I unbuckled my bindings and happily wobbled my way over to him. (Hint number 1 right?) As I positioned myself for the photo, Sothea requested I take off my gloves for the picture. That's odd! I retorted, "It's cold babe, I'm keeping my gloves on!!" He calmly responded, "Take them off, hunny." My brother follows in suit with major attitude, "Just take it off, Alice!"  You bet my face looked like this after that exchange: .  (This should have been a hint number two right? Nope, it still didn't trigger a thing for me.) So I reluctantly complied and removed my gloves for the picture. As we posed ourselves and smiled for the picture, Sothea whispers, "You know I love you with all my heart, right baby?" With a smile plastered to my face because my brother was taking forever to take the picture, I naturally responded, "Of course, baby. I love you too!" My brother hadn't lowered the camera yet to signal the picture was taken, when Sothea was moving away from me. Confused, I assumed we were done taking pictures and were grabbing our gear to head down the mountain. This was when Sothea reached for my left hand, got down on one knee, and presented the ring. Sadly, I was still totally oblivious to what was going on and it took me a few good seconds to realize what was going on... Sothea was proposing!
Wait a second... Are you? OMG! You're proposing!!

Checking out the "goods"

We're engaged? We're engaged!

Can we go down the mountain now?? I kid, I kid! Sheesh! I was uberly excited, of course, but I was also worried about how my gloves were going to fit over the rock. Seriously. So we put my shiny new thing back in a cloth bag and I went down the mountain with the biggest smile on my face. At the bottom of the slope, the now hubs promptly placed the ring back on my ring finger. With the ring on my hand, it means we're going to the chapel baby! Not to the one in Vegas though. Although many assumed we did go ahead and get hitched since we were in Vegas after all. Ha!

All pictures were taken by my younger brother.

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