Thursday, February 10, 2011


I used to blog quite often when it was the thing to do back in middle school, but stopped in high school because I joined my fellow nerd classmates in the competition of being valedictorian! After reading and following various blogs the past year as I planned my wedding, I figured I'd give it another try. I'm still trying to find a niche for my blog, but until then, it'll be a recap of my wedding in Sept. 2010 to my now hubby, Sothea (aka Mr. Donut Man), and my thoughts of life working 7 days a week / 60+ hours a week. *disc scratch* That's right - I'm a workaholic. I graduated from college in 2007 and hit the corporate world running at the age of 20 with hopes of climbing the corporate ladder to one day be a C-level excutive. Hello 9-5! In 2008, my now husband was propositioned by his brother in law in buying a donut shop and a little over 2 years later, we know every citizen in the quaint town and (not always) loving it. I only work there on the weekends, but I enjoy seeing the regulars and running our business as husband and wife (even if our hours are 3am to noon). Yikes! I know no post is ever complete without a picture so I'll leave you with one of Mr. Donut Man and I's engagement picture!

Picture taken by Veraya Gachacoop

P.S. Please leave comments on how I can improve my blog via tone and whatever else! Tell me how you started your blog and found your niche and blogging voice!

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