Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10K for the win

No, I didn't win the lottery for $10,000 although that would be fantabulous also! I-could-go-on-a-shopping-spree or put-it-towards-our-1year-anniversary-trip-to-Bora-Bora or invest-it-in-my-IRA or.... *looks over and realizes the you're giving me the I don't give a sh*t look* My bads. Got excited about what I could do with $10,000 - heck you know you were daydreaming about the possibilities also. Anyway, what I was saying was I just started my blog a few days ago and I have to take a temporary hiatus from posting this week. Boo! I know, I'm a bad blogger. My team at my corporate job has been delegated the task of reviewing the 2010 10-K for our company, which means we have to tick and tie each number within the report to various support documents. Major task and we have a deadline of 3 days - yikes!! Their providing breakfast and lunch if that tells you how tight the timeline is. Maybe I'll get to sneak in some time to do a quick update, but no promises! I'm just hoping to survive this week with as little wrinkles, zits, and gray hairs as possible. Wish me luck and see you sooooon!!

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