Thursday, February 17, 2011

All the... New Things: Meet Mr. Gucci

A little spin off of Blink 182's song released at the beginning of the new millenia. Loved them, then they broke up, then they got back together, but it's just not the same. Guess that's how it is with relationships sometimes too right? ANYWAY! Onto happier notes! The hubs surprised me with this when I got home the other day (apologies on the horrible quality - iPhone pix ahead):

Um... Yea... First word out of my mouth - return it. STAT! Don't let that big ole smile on my face in the pic above (or below) make you believe I was OMG!I.CAN'T.BELIEVE.I.GOT.SOMETHING.GUCCI.! Shriek! That was taken 30 minutes later after some major argument with the hubs and our good friends Van and Andrew (aka Vandrew). I'm super cheap remember? And I don't have the slighest clue about anything "fancy". I just know brands like that means major $$$$$$. Not cool. Prior to opening it, I totally knew what it was going to be - a purse.

Horrible lighting - yuck!

Gosh this box is huge! $$$$ is all I could think about. :(

Sigh. Can we please return it?!

See my purse somehow magically got attacked my something super tacky one day a few weeks back and refuses to let go. I was bummed, but life moves on and I didn't whine and kick and scream for a new one. It's a purse - it carries my crap. Job accomplished. I was totally okay sporting my good ole outlet Coach purses the past 9 years. Why all of the sudden the major jump?! Hubs response, "Because you deserve it my love. You need a purse that reflects the sophisticated you and you work at a corporate job and see clients and important people all the time. You need a better purse." Me, "Um. So! It's not like my current purse is dumpy, torn, or shaggy! It's a freakin purse! I highly doubt people judge me by what kind of purse I carry. Plus, I sit in a cube all day." Argument ensues when Van interrupts, "Can I have a box of bandaids? My feet have like a dozen blisters." The hubs took Van along to help him pick out a purse and since they were in such a hurry to go before I got home, Van was rocking her awesome heels while running through Dallas Galleria. The result of such pain:
15 bandaids to be exact

After adhering literally half a box of bandaids, Van retorts, "My feet suffered for you. You have to keep the purse! Plus, I can totally borrow from you!" As you assumed from the get-go of this post, yes, I kept the purse. Ugh! Only con of this purse - there's no dividers in it! How the heck am I supposed to keep my sh*t separated and organized?! No wonder people have such a hard flippin time finding their stuff!

hello?hello?hello? It even echos!

Me admitting defeat. Sigh.

Has someone ever bought you something that you thought was just too much? Or maybe it wasn't enough?

All pix were taken by the hubs!


  1. Beautiful!! I'm glad you decided to keep it!

  2. Stunning! Just keep it and enjoy it :)



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