Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap (Feb 26 & Feb 27)

Fridays = YAY and Mondays = BOOOO! Funny how that feeling never goes away as we age.

Our foodie friend, Van, text us if we wanted to hang out after work on Friday since we haven't seen her in ages. Technically, two weeks, but we see each other on a weekly basis so two weeks seemed like FOREVER. Dramatic much? Nah. Plus, she was feeling poopie so even the more reason to meet up right? She even brought us cupcakes from her work - she's such an awesome friend!

Left: Vanilla bean red velvet swirl with whipped cream cheese frosting
Right: White chocolate macadamia nut with white chocolate frosting

We even had a guest of honor for the evening - Elyssa!! We picked her up at her work place and we had to take a small detour to Babies R US. While en route to said place, dinner needed to be decided!

Van: "I've been craving something for awhile, but it's kind of far..."
Moi: "Where?"
Van: "Umm. Okay, I'll spell it. B!!!"
Elyssa and the hubs, simultaneously: "A!!!!" (with Elyssa demonstrating the letter with her arms - it's the former cheerleader in her coming out. Meanwhile, I'm completely loss. How in the world does Elyssa and hubs know?!)
Hubs: "B!!!" (Me: B.A.B - still no clue!)
Van and Elyssa: "E!!!!"
Van: "apostrophe and S!!!!" (me: ohhh. got it! Damn I'm slow!)

Babe's Chicken it is!! Yum!!! You pick your meat from a select menu and as much mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn, green beans, salad, and biscuits you can devour!!! *drool*

Waiting outside

Elyssa packing it down - JK
All the meats ordered minus half that was already eaten.
We take food very seriously!!

After a fulfilling dinner, Van needed an evening topper so we drove down the street to The Londoner Pub for a shot!
3 red headed sluts with a side of patron

After 3 hours of sleep, it was to the donut shop we go! We were spent by the time we closed so we took a quick nap then headed to dinner at Woo Mee Oak with Tara, Veraya and her hubby, Mike! Veraya took our engagement pictures and we instantly hit it off. She's currently 30 weeks preggers and we haven't seen her since she announced the news so dinner was absolutely necessary. Remember the Babies R US trip the previous day? Makes sense now? *light bulb* And because we're food savages, I once again forgot to take pictures! DOH!

This time, we got 4 hours of sleep (woot!) before the alarm screamed at us to get our asses up for the shop again. Just like Saturday, we crashed after the shop for a quick nap prior to the funeral viewing for Sid. We tried to be strong for Sid's wife, Mary and his son, Steve, but the closer we got to Sid, the harder it was to fight the waterworks. Mary was being super strong and didn't shed a tear. We paid our respects and cried it out on the ride home. This isn't going to be an easy week. We'll miss Sid dearly.

*all pics are taken by me except for the cupcake one. That's by Van!

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  1. Sounds like a deeelish weekend! :)

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