Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ITS RANDOM MAN!! - Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

I love starting my day by listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. They're totally off topic and absolutely hi-larious. I only listen to 106.1 KISS FM because of them, but after they sign off at 10am, it's country music for me!

Any way, this post is completely random and probably TMI, but I'm quite bothered. Ha!

I get a ton and a half of "symptoms" the week prior to Aunt Flo's visit such as an intense chocolate craving (I normally don't like chocolate so feel free to pull my woman card for the 8th time. I'm used to it now. In fact, I have it readily in hand for y'all most of the time because I'm so lame), but mainly a warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie... *drool*

Oh man, I can just taste the gooeyness

and an appetite large enough to take down the Big Texan with both hands behind my back. For real y'all, I can eat and eat and eat, and still be hungry!!

I also have these random "cravings", but I'm not sure they classify as such since I have absolutely no idea what it is I'm craving. Something sweet? Salty? Bitter? Tart? I have no idea, but the sensation doesn't go away and I have no idea how to satiate it! Or these painful canker sores that prevent any oral movement or consumption of food! *winces in pain* Sigh...

Then, when AF does visit, I completely lose my appetite and don't crave anything. If I didn't pay attention to the clock and associate certain digits with eating, I could probably go all day without eating OR drinking! Hmph!

Anybody else experience frustrating symptoms prior to our favorite person of the month's visit??

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  1. MMMMM warm gooey cookies. I am with you on that one!



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