Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let Me See You One, Two Step

"I love it when you one, two step..." - Ciara.  I just realized a lot of my posts have song lyrics as the title. Odd. For some reason when I try to think of creative/fun titles, songs come up instead and BAM! they're my title. Don't ask, I'm an odd cookie, I know. Plus, this title/song is pretty up beat, it's helping me get through the second half of my day, and is somewhat relevant to today's post. I think? Read and decide!

Before I became an old married woman, my co-workers and I always go out for lunch to conversate and get away from cubicle work. After a few months of eating out, I finally decided to thoroughly look at my credit card statement to figure out where all my hard earned dollars were going (I know you're already thinking you know where this is going, but not quite!).

Plus a few additional items like more gas, groceries, etc.

Not bad right? $8 plus tip for lunch is reasonable, and it's not like I'm having steak and lobster (although that would divine. And costly, but I can fantasize, sheesh!). Then I would look at the payment coupon to see the total amount owed was, $435.42. *disc scratch* Excuse me?! I don't think the credit card company added the numbers correctly. No really. So naturally, I whipped out the trusty ole calculator and proceeded to punch at the ten key like a Hollywood accountant actor minus the fancy tape print out sounds. Total? $435.42. No way!! Of that, I was spending approximately $200+ a month on eating out - just on lunch?! Holy mackeral. Around this time, I got proposed to so I used the excuse reality that I needed to start bringing my lunch and saving some green backs for the wedding.

I didn't mind bringing my lunch, and I usually ate much healthier, but I missed stepping away from my cube for a breather and a light stroll to where ever we were going to eat. Benefits of working downtown, everything is within walking distance. Stepping away also made the second half of my day go by faster. I could eat my food in the break room, but it reeks because everyone's re-heating their leftovers (leftover Italian - delish, but reheated, it smells awful). I even suggested to my co-workers we all bring our lunch on a schedule (e.g. Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, or even one day!) so we could all save money, but that only worked for a week and back to eating out they went.

What do you suggest I do for a mid-afternoon break?

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