Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pour some shuga on meeee!

Kicking it old school with Def Leppard. Don't you just love songs from the 70's and 80's??

I guess the title of this post should be rephrased to "Take lots of shuga off meeee" because I've recently been a sugar addict. No bueno! My parents never kept sweets in the house so I never craved it, even during college years and I was buying my own groceries. Then 2010 happened - the wedding (I blame cake tasting), I turned 25 (I blame the mid life quarter century life crisis), and we went to Jamaica (I blame the all inclusive resort - I was only trying to get my monies worth in food and drinks). Saying I had a sweet tooth is a major understatement. I totally heart 3 Musketeers Mint with Dark Chocolate *swoon* It contains dark chocolate so it's good for me, according to research studies! Plus, it'll help balance out all the other non healthy ingredients because it's also 45% less fat! Hey, I'm a girl and I can justify anything and make it totally legit!

Up until the big 2-5, when I gained a few pounds, I would just cut back what I ate and BAM! Like magic, the LBs were gone before you can finish saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Gotta love young metabolisms. Any way, I think my scale is broken because it only has 2 functions right now - up and steady, respectively. Um... Aren't scales supposed to go down in numeric value also? Oh, and with these delectables being in season right now, it definitely doesn't refrain the said broken scale from adding tokens to the counter.
nom nom nom nom

So back to working out we go! I actually enjoy working out, but laziness usually wins. I had a boudoir shoot and a wedding last year as my main motivator to get my ass in shape. I was happy with my weight so I just needed to tone up. My partner in crime for this mission...

It actually worked great for me because I had a personal trainer and I couldn't slack off, otherwise the game wouldn't advance to the next rep. I hit up a gym prior to EA Sports Active, but I was only good at cardio and was completely clueless in weight/strength training despite googling all the exercises and watching videos. Plus I could do it at home - score! I also tried Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. While the workouts were intense (hello! It's Jillian Michaels for crying out loud! Just looking at her physique should make your muscles produce lactic acid and cringe in soreness), I found the sessions to be short and unsatisfying. After completing the 30 day challenge (after 2 failed attempts because sleeping in an extra hour is divine) on EA Sports Active, I could do squats like it was nobody's business and was seeing muscle definition! YAY ME! I was so dang proud of my body when I saw my boudoir pictures.

Things I didn't like with EA Sports Active; Sometimes, it doesn't register my movements and I end up performing 40 bicep curls on my right arm before the game finally decides I'm doing ONE rep and alternates to my left arm while proceeding to insult my lack of attention to the exercise. Really?! Last time I checked, a big right bicep and small left bicep is not sexy people!! It also didn't have any exercises for my abs so I challenged myself to the 200 sit-ups challenge on the Bender Ball. I didn't get past week 4, but it worked.

Since EA Sports Active left me unsatisfied, I did what any girl would should do in a bad relationship, I broke up with it and upgraded to someone better, EA Sports Active - More Workouts!

Boy was I liking my new partner in crime! It was more mature and sophisticated than my previous partner (sounds so scandalous doesn't it?).  Ab workouts? Check! Better scenery? Does working out on the beach by water bungalows that make you feel like you're in the French Polynesia work for you? Check and check! More variety in workouts? Yes please!

I'm partaking in the 6 week challenge and am currently in week 2 so I'll let you know how this guy really measures up!
Above 4 pictures were taken by me on my TV

What's your favorite workout regimen and how do you resist from inhaling an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in 5 minutes? Or do you still have an awesome metabolism of a teenager and are laughing at me? If so, you are so not on my Christmas list!

*Disclaimer: Opinions stated above are all my own and are not associated with Wii or EA Active Sports.


  1. I just stated the shred again - i'm on day 3! The Buff Brides book worked wonders for me (way back when)

  2. @BigAppleNosh - Keep it up girl! I'll have to look into Buff Brides! Thanks!



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