Friday, March 18, 2011

Pour some shuga on meeee: Part Dos!

March 1, 2011 at oh five hundred, I embarked on a strenuous and quite possibly an impossible mission of - dum dum dummmmm, Mission: Get Fit and Lose Some Weight! What?!

I previously told you I have a killer sweet tooth and it's holding on with a vengeance. 18 days later, well, I still have a killer sweet tooth, but I digress. In that post, I also introduced you to my workout partner - EA Sports Active: More Workouts and my acceptance to take on its 6 Week Challenge, head on. Working out totally balances out the crazy amount of insulin I'm injecting into my system right?

Today marks the half way point of the challenge. How am I doing you ask? I'll let my workout partner fill you in:

I skipped yesterday, but made it up today since I'm
scheduled to only workout 4 days a week.

So what all does that equate to? Minus 2lbs and I feel better about myself (even though my jeans are still snug. Sad face)! I have to give myself a 5 minute pep talk while in bed at 4:45am as to why it's better to get my ass out of bed and workout instead of getting an extra hour of beauty sleep. I really do give myself a pep talk every single morning. How lame am I, but it works (so far). Ha! Now if I could only give up the insulin producing foods I'm consuming, I'm sure I'd make better progress! Why is it so difficult now when I could have easily rejected the temptation before?? Ugh!

How's your workout regimen going for you? Fantastic job if you're still going strong, and keep it up! Happy Friday everyone!!

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