Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap (Mar 26 & Mar 27)

This package greeted me when I got home on Friday
Who's it from?

Colorband PhotoArtisans??? It's here! It's here! It's finally here!!

Want to know what got me all excited? Unwrap with me to find out (please excuse my messy house)!!
Me: slow and steady and very ladylike
Callie: "Rip it open already!"

Oh eff it! I want the goods NOW

Darn packaging tape is super strong. The
hubs suggested using a sharp tool - small
flat head screw driver was the nearest thing

Sigh... how much of this tape did they use?!

Eep!! I can almost see it!

Double eep! It's our canvas wrap!!!!
Surrounded by more packaging/tape. Ugh!

At least they packaged it well for shipment.
Thanks Colorband PhotoArtisans!
Almost there...

This should do the trick!

Ta da! Completely unwrapped and in my
hands! Muahahaha!

Now let's hang this beauty up!

Apparently, I was so darn proud of myself

Our wall of wedding pictures in the living room with
our fan pulling string making an ugly appearance

On Saturday evening, we attended Farmersville's Chamber of Commerce's Banquet as guests of the City Secretary, Mrs. Edie. She's a super sweet person and great friend of ours. It was such an honor to be invited by her. Theme for the evening: Country!
Mrs. Edie and her husband Ricky

The centerpiece and our own table!

The hubs checking out the silent auction goods

We were super exhausted on Sunday since the banquet ended much later than anticipated which means less time for us to sleep prior to the shop. So we went into hibernation mode after we got home from the shop!

How was your weekend? Happy Monday!

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  1. Ooh, what a fun weekend! We still haven't ordered prints yet - I'm waaaay behind on that!



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