Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Love-Hate Relationship: Carbs!

Oh.my.gosh. You have absolutely no idea how much I love carbs!

Rice? Gotta have it. I mean, come.on! I'm Asian!!

 Pizza?  Give me! Give me! Give me!

Pasta? Adding vegetables totally makes it okay right?

I think you know what I'm saying right? Well, in a "small" effort to lose a few pounds and be healthier, that means I need to control my carb intake. This is embarrassing to say, but I could easily consume 200grams of carbs a day, if not more - guilt free. That count doesn't include carbs as a by product of like sugar. *hangs head in total embarrassment* This is probably where all my recent weight gain came from to begin with. Darn you delicious, tasting carbs!! So what am I doing to wean myself off from my love of carbs? Eat more protein and try not to click on any blogs in my blog roll that have teaser photos like this:
Even though I still do and totally jot down the recipe

And just plain ole strong will to say no to carbs! Does it always work? Eh... and who can say no to this in the afternoon with the recent warmer weather (and it doesn't help there's a freaking Starbucks just downstairs of where I work)
At least it's the light version!
Crap! Now I want one... Arg!

After 20 minutes of self-discipline and punishment, my craving usually goes away and I'm so darn proud of myself for not consuming those additional carbs! Yay!! I can totally feel the difference the next day also. Do I give into my cravings and then feel like total crap that I did? Totally! But it's okay. I know that I just need to get back on the bandwagon tomorrow and not do it again. Bad Alice, bad!

Do you have any guilty pleasures? How do you discipline yourself from over doing it?? Now to go discipline myself from not jumping out of my chair to dash to Starbucks and get me a Frappuccino right this sec!

Oh, and I've added a new page! It's a work in progress, but it's something new until I do a lil wedding recap and implement the new blog design. I planned our shindig in a month so there won't be much to share, but I'll try! Yup! I planned our wedding of 300+ in a month. Stay tuned!


  1. I feel your pain; I love carbs in all forms, especially rice. I don't have any special tricks to discipline myself. I just try not to indulge every craving for them (but I usually fail!)

  2. I looove carbs - I can't eat an Asian meal without my rice!!



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