Thursday, April 14, 2011

Always & Forever*: My Love

Today's post is dedicated to the hubs, even though he doesn't read my blog. He knows I blog, but told me he refuses to read it. Why? He said blogging is "my thing" and just doesn't want to read it. Guess this can now be my safe haven when I need to vent about him without repercussion. Ha!

Any way, today's post might be a little sappy and give you the odd chill down your spine so feel free to move along to other blogs in your line up!

If you have chosen to stay (don't say I didn't warn ya), here's the dealio.  My hubby is truly the most patient man. For example, I told you previously that I don't shop for myself and the hubs does it for me. On our first trip together (Spring Break 2007 to Breckenridge, CO), I needed to purchase a pair of ski pants. Retail price - $70+. Hubby's idea - hit up Marshall's. So we went and I quickly (and by quickly I mean I briskly walked up and down the women's and the junior department's pants aisles while merely glancing). A minute later, I told the hubs they didn't have any and that we should just go to Academy and purchase a pair. Meanwhile, the hubs took his time and 30 minutes later he was able to find me a pair of ski pants. For $7 and some change.

Or when I told the hubs I needed new work clothes, but couldn't find any (read: I couldn't find anything I like <$20). He would go out shopping for me and come home with a sack full of work clothes for me. Price was not disclosed. Ha!

Or when we have spats over something stupid, he's always the one that is level headed and approaches me with an open mind and looking for communication.

I'm definitely not a morning person + lack of sleep + hubby trying to make convo =

and yet he's still patient and loving towards me even though he totally doesn't deserve my Mrs. Snappy Snap attitude I hurl at him. 

Or when we have to drive up separately to the shop at 2am, and I spot a cop, I'll text the hubs (in my full "I hate the world" mode) to warn him of the location and he'll respond with "ty my love". It's time like these that make me stop and put a smile on my face because I am so, so blessed to have married him. He's my best friend and I know no one else in the world could love me as much or the way he does (or even manage to put up with me for that matter! Shoo!).

Even though you don't read my blog to get this message - Babe, I love you so much and thank you for putting up with me because frankly, sometimes I don't even know how you do. You're the best! *muahz* I look forward to conquering our journey of life together. Always & Forever!

*Always & Forever is the running intro text from our wedding that was used to preface photo albums (e.g. Always & Forever: Our Story (guestbook), Always & Forever: For My Love (boudoir book), etc.)


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