Friday, April 29, 2011

Girls, Just Wanna Have Fu-un: Teresa's Bachelorette

Teresa's Big Day is tomorrow and no wedding can commence prior to a proper send off - the bachelorette party!!

Since all her bridesmaids were from out of town, they agreed the Thursday prior to the wedding would be most suitable to throw the bash. A hangover the day of the wedding didn't seem appealing to them for some reason. Why? Sure beats me! Not like bride needs to look pretty or anything for pictures on her wedding day. Ha!

To kick things off - food and margaritas!!! We had dinner at the Riverwalk Cantina at the Gaylord Texan. The restaurant brought the outside scenery of the riverwalk indoors. It's what makes the Gaylord so beautiful!

The bride-to-be!

All the pretty ladies

We even got swooned by the mariachi band!

Since dinner was much later than my normal dinner time, I completely devoured my food before realizing I didn't take a picture. Surprise, surprise right? I'll try to be better about that in the future. I did remember to take some pictures of us girls while we waited for our food though. Does that count for something? No? Didn't think so, but thought I'd try.

Sopie and I

Me and the bride-to-be

After our bellies were full of chips and salsa and the ridiculous Texas sized Tex-Mex meals, it was time for dessert! We each got a different flavor cupcake topped with a different design purple teddy (her wedding colors are purple and silver). How cute are these and they were super moist!!

Vanilla flavored - nom nom nommmm
FYI: the pearl isn't edible. Not that we tried to consume
it or anything...

After being stuffed well beyond our stomach's capacity, it was time to open presents and for Teresa to take down 2 Patron shots to kick off the remainder of the evening!

Next stop, Gaylord Texan's nightlife it spot - Iron Cactus.

On the shuttle to the club

At the club, Teresa threw down quite a few more shots while we quickly realized tonight's crowd wasn't our scene. It was country theme tonight. Oops! So we left and hit up Chaucer's for $1 well drinks!! Not even a couple hours later, our bride-to-be was all partied out.

Here's to your final two nights as a single lady, Teresa! Can't wait to see you and Andrew tie the knot tomorrow!!

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