Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm dreaming of a....


Work at both the corporate job and the shop have been uber stressful lately. As in I have at least 4 - 1.5 hour meetings a day (on the phone because I'm responsible for overseas business units) and then those side ones where your manager calls you over to his desk "real quick". As for the shop, business is getting better and better, which is awesome, but since we man the ship ourselves, we get burnt out. Fast! I mentioned several times in the past we only close the shop once a year (Christmas till New Year's), but this year, the hubby is thinking about closing the shop sometime in the summer since the kids will be out of school. As in the kids in town. You didn't think... Oh no. no. no. no. Although there will be a post about that later on. Our shop is located directly in front of the high school and junior high so the kids make up a good chunk of our clientele and in the summer, they sleep in well past our closing hours. With this exciting news (while it's not set in stone that we will be closing), I couldn't help but daydream about potential vaca spots.

Only problem is, I have no idea where to go! The hubs and I got scuba certified on our honeymoon last year so I'd love to go somewhere that has lots to offer in the underwater world like

Or we could return to Hawaii. Where it all started!

Then there's the option of being a tourist and visiting places like

Or we can take a cruise, visit a place neither of us have ever been to, or just stay home and be bum bums and sleep in every day! There are numerous options available, but yet, I don't really have yearning for one in particular. Hmph!

What's your favorite vacation spot? Any suggestions on where we can go?


  1. I'm partial to NYC for obvious reasons, but I do love a beachy vacation! :)

  2. GREAT BARRIER REEF!! Snorkeling on the GBR is absolutely awesome. And the area of Australia around the reef is beautiful. Definitely worth looking into if you've got the time (and can stomach the 13+ hour plane ride from LA to Sydney).



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