Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap (Apr 16 & Apr 17)

You know how when some one asks you if you want the good news or the bad news first? And you always respond with bad news first in hopes the good news will help buffer the pain cause by the blah news (no? Brave soul you!)? That's kind of how my weekend was, but I wasn't asked which I wanted first. Fortunately, I'm glad I got the bad news first because I would have hated to end my weekend/start my work week on bad news. *shudders*

Bad (might qualify as horrible) news: Friday was a rough, rough day y'all. Firstly, I had to wake up at 2am because the hubs forgot to bring some things to the shop and forgot to leave some things I desparately needed at the house so naturally I had a major small stress meltdown. After taking lots of deep breaths, I packed all my things necessary for work that day (e.g. work clothes, hair straightner, etc) along with the things the hubs forgot (e.g. suit, dress shoes and socks, etc.) and drove 45 minutes to the shop. Work day commenced as usual. Then, on the DART ride home, I was stuck IN a TUNNEL. for 2 flipping hours!! 2 frucking hours in the flipping dark!!!! Really? Sigh. When we finally were moving again, we experienced 2 more delays prior to reaching my stop - the last one on the line. Total commute time for a normal 40 minute commute - 3 hours. What a Friday.

= Not my friend that day{source}                          

With bad news, comes the good news right? Right!

Good news: We went over to a friend's house later that evening to celebrate Cambodian/Thai New Years and our dear friends Sopie and Ly were going to reveal the sex of their second child - with cupcakes!! Yum! How? They bought 2 dozen cupcakes (1 dozen red velvet, 6 strawberry shortcakes, and 6 chocolate passion) from

and one of the cupcakes was injected with a colored cream filling indictating the sex of the baby!! We were so excited about digging into the cupakes to look for the pink or blue icing, I totally didn't take pix! Boo! With all 24 cupcakes distributed and tore in half, the filling could not be found! WHAT?! Someone's holding out and we were all yelling with frustration and excitement as to who holds the special cupcake. Not cool. Not cool at all! Turns out, the filling wasn't in the middle. It was an itsy, bitsy, weensy squirt of icing underneath the mammoth cream cheese icing. It looked like this, but with the dap of icing inside the cupcake.

Pic from here, dot added by mwah

Yup. The dot literally was that big under all that icing! Who would have known it was there?! Natural assumption is in the middle right??? Tell me this is what you thought too? Common sense right? Any way, luckily someone noticed before devouring their cupcake. And as my awesome dot indicated above, they're having a girl! Perfect because their first born was a boy. Aw... perfection at its finest don't you think? I think so even if you don't!

More good news: Saturday was girl's day while the boys went fishing and shooting! For us girls, girl's day means eating. all. day. long. non. stop. while shopping. I literally put on 2 more pounds this weekend (d'oh!!), but all the delicious food was soooo worth it. That day. Now I have to workout 4x as hard so back to the grind. Tomorrow. Ha! Having quality time over yummy food all day with the girls is always worth it though. Always!

Even more good news: The hubby took me to the mall on Sunday and I got a mini shopping spree! Yay! Thanks hubby! In 1.5 hours, we found me a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend, panties at Victoria's Secret because I'm a coupon queen, and baking/counter mats from Crate and Barrel with their new Wedding Completion discount. Which means.... dum dum dummmm! I forsee baking cookies (as in different types of cookies) in my very, very near future. YES!

How was your weekend? Happy Monday everyone!!!

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  1. That SUCKS about being stuck in the tunnel! Sounds like the rest of your weekend made up for it though!



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