Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap (Apr 9 & Apr 10)

I got off work an hour early on Friday and was super stoked about rushing home to make these bad boys

Only to be texted by the hubby to help him make a Sam's run since he's running behind schedule. In heels. I was super mad. Not about making the Sam's run (in my heels), but not being able to make those scrumptious looking cupcakes. I totally heart chocolate with mint. *drool* Plus, I hate looking at all the shoppers face because I'm sure they're thinking, "what the crap is wrong with that girl? If she knew she was coming to Sam's to get a flatbed that's 4 feet high full of supplies, then why the hell would she wear heels?!" Because I would totally think the same damn thing if I saw someone else sporting the same do as me. And you gotta love the shoppers that stand and watch you load up the car with said supplies to see how you manage. Don't y'all have things to do? Places to be? And people to see?   No? Oh, okay. No wonder you're standing there entertained by my struggle. Thanks for offering to help by the way. I'm still a little upset about missing out an a golden mint chocolaty opportunity to make those cupcakes. Can you tell? No? Great! Moving on!

Saturday was a rough morning at the shop due to the lack of sleep (sorry hubs for being Mrs. Snappy Snap), but we got to see our foodie friends, Vandrew, for lunch over Indian food at Masala Wok. Maya over at Kinzie Says got me craving for Tikka and Butter Masala. all. week. long. thanks to her grilled tandoori post. I also got to spend some time with Andrew's grandmother and practice my Chinese with her. Boy is my Mandarin rusty. 9 years of Chinese school and I can barely hang on my own to have a conversation. Sad. Super sad. I'm sure my Cantonese isn't any better. This is a great chance to tell the hubby I must watch more TVB series and other Chinese movies! Ha! What? I gotta brush up man!!

Sunday was shop in the morning (duh!) and then we hit up the outlet mall in Allen to see if I can find me a dress for a friend's wedding in 2 weeks. Fail. On the other hand, the hubby did pick out a couple of cute shirts that I wouldn't normally wear (nor pay for) from MaxStudio!

I really wished this top would have fit better, but instead, it made me look preggo. No bueno! At least it'll be a cute top when we do decide to start TTC!

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?

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  1. Glad you fulfilled your tandoori craving! Wish you were closer so I could have invited you guys over for some Indian food :)



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