Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cross Country Party: Frozen Yogurt

Serena at Big Apple Nosh just started hosting a monthly cross country party last weekend which I was super excited to participate in. Why? Because who doesn't love a party? Involving food! Plus, I love Serena's blog and all the yummy recipes she posts because she's one heck of a chef! Really. Go check out all the competitions she's been in and her creations.

So how does this party work? Each month, she's posts a buzzword. Then, you head out to your favorite buzzword place, order/make the buzzword to your liking, take a picture of it, and devour consume it! This month's buzzword - Frozen Yogurt! Yum!!

You really don't need a reason to go out and have frozen yogurt, but with the warmer weather breathing on our necks and an invite to the party, you don't have to tell me twice! While my favorite place to get fro yo is Pinkberry, the place is a bit of a drive from the shop so we just hit up my favorite local fro yo joint, SpoonFull.
Yogurt flavors: half plain tart and half pomegranate raspberry
Toppings: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and slivered almonds

To see all the party goers and their creation, head on over to the party (and check out all things awesome at Serena's place). Apparently, I need to hit up Red Mango soon and get me some mango bubbles! Be sure to catch next month's buzzword so you can be cool and party with the rest of us.

What's your favorite fro yo place and yogurt/topping combo?


  1. Thank you for participating, and for the blog love!! :)

  2. how much are they paying you to write this?



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