Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awesome Friends over Awesome Food Equals Awesome Time

And occasionally awesome news as well!

I've mentioned Vandrew (Van + Andrew = Vandrew) a time or two here on the blogs. They're our awesome (foodie) friends. When we get together, food is always involved and it requires consumption of it that is 4x the size of your stomach and then you keep going. all. day. long. Feel your stomach expanding and aching just hearing it? Yea. It's an art.

We were super fortunate to witness something amazing during our Christmas 2010 vaca to Jamaica - their proposal! It was the most hilarious proposal - ever (ask Van), but it was so them and of course, perfect!
Andrew proposing after a comical misunderstanding
on Christmas Day 2010 in Jamaica

The newly engaged Vandrew! Yay!!

This past Friday was another group get together over food, of course! Duh! At our favorite local BBQ joint, Hutchin's. While I thought it was just another friends get together, Vandrew had something else on their minds. Since I laid out the background for ya already, I'm sure you know where this is heading. As for me, I was completely clueless (as always).

After wolfing down dinner, Vandrew excused themselves and came back with a tray full of huge, homemade fortune cookies (the ladies in Van's family are serious baker extraordinaires) and passed one out per person.

(*Note: horrible iPhone pix ahead because the ONE day I take the camera out of my purse is the ONE day something exciting happens. Sigh...).

They handmade these! Craziness!!

The color baby blue is going to be a very important detail
 and no it does not involve a baby

The hubby with his cookie

Baffled by the size, we were told to quickly unwrap the fortune cookie to reveal our fortunes.

And what did the fortunes read?
Eeeep! Wait. Does promising mean its not for sure yet?

The boy's fortunes. Disclaimer and all. Ha!

The lucky numbers on the back. The date they were
officially "Vandrew" and their engagement date.

And since all the ladies was still unsure of our fortune as Van's bridesmaid, she handed personal letters to each of us to seal the deal.
My fortune cookie with my fortune and my
personal letter. I'd say it's official don't you?

After all the confusion and squealing of excitement settled down a bit, the boys decided to have way too much fun with their fortune cookies and fortunes.
The hubby making his fortune cookie talk like a clam before sticking his hand in the "mouth" to reach for the pearls fortune

Best Man A, Hubby, Groomsmen S
making fortune moustaches

But most importantly, consuming the monstrous fortune cookie. It was the end of the meal after all...

Food always tastes so much better when you're in good company, but when it includes awesome surprises, it makes it that much better! Especially when it involves helping out great friends plan their wedding. How darn cute are those fortune cookies??? I still can't get over the fact they were handmade. I thought they bought them from one of those giant fortune cookie sites! Shame on me! LOL! First on the Van's bridesmaid To Do list - engagement party.

We took group pictures after all this also, but they're on Van's camera so I'll have to go steal them from her soon.

How did you ask your girls to stand by your side on the big day?


  1. Great post! Looks like everyone had a great time

  2. This is so cute! I'm already brainstorming an awesome way to use the fortune cookie recipe :)



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