Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finding friends in high places

With all the major component confirmed, I put wedding planning on cruise control. Programs, menus, wedding timeline, etc. could be worked on a little here and there. One thing that we decided not to do from the get-go was engagement pictures. Why? Because a) we weren't doing Save the Dates and b) I substituted out that part of our photography package for a boudoir session. Why? Because I rather have more pretty pictures of me than of us. Duh! Just kidding!! It's because our photographers are from OK and we reside in TX. With the shop needing our presence 7 days a week, both of us wouldn't be able to travel up to North at the same time to get them done. Plus, I'll already be in OK for my bridals so it seemed like the perfect solution.

Fast forward a few weeks, I was searching through the Classifieds section of Weddingbee for Clover colored items. I stumbled upon this thread

Like any other curious Bee, I clicked on it. Duh! The text read

Oh! This could be fun! Plus, with the increasing popularity (and me wanting to jump on the bandwagon) in the engagement photos guestbook, and it's free?? Even better! I quickly texted the now-hubby the deets and impatiently waited for his response. "Sure" was what lit up my phone. With the green light, I sent the poster a private message saying we were extremely interested in her ad. She responded she had an opening in 2 weeks and couldn't wait to meet us!

2 weeks was rapidly approaching and I was still fretting about what to wear and how to do my makeup since I'm a complete failure in both departments. The day finally came and I said eff it! I picked out two outfits and drove out to Las Colinas to meet up Veraya.

Being a newlywed themselves, we instantly clicked with them. By the end of the shoot, we were talking like we'd been friends all along and even made plans for future meet ups! Yay for friendors! Most importantly, she was able to edit a few pictures that evening and posted up quite a few teasers on her blog.

Here are few we are thinking about utilizing for our photo guestbook!






And there's so many more to choose from! We absolutely loved Veraya's work and her turnaround time was impeccable! Now the decision to which ones make the album...

Did any silver linings show up during your wedding planning or have vendors turn into friendors??

*All pictures were taken by Veraya Thavilyati of iSnap Studio

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