Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm dreaming of a....

vacation. Part Deux.

While I was daydreaming of going somewhere exciting and somewhat exotic, the hubby confirmed that we are a go on scheduling a summer vacation! Yay!! Best part is, we only need to close one day and my gracious mother-in-law has offered to work Tuesday through Thursday for us! She's flipping awesome.

A few of our friends decided to join us on a summer getaway, therefore, the location had to be a mutual agreement. Destination: L.A. and Vegas. While both places have tons to offer, I'm slightly disappointed in the venue. You see, my family are L.A./Vegas fanatics. As in, they go to Vegas at least 4 times a year. No exaggeration. While new hotels and shows appear on the strip frequently, I'm a little burnt out. However, I am being optimistic since we're going with friends instead this go round! Plus, a vaca is a vaca and we're in desperate need of one stat!

On a separate note, has anyone tried their hand at Priceline's Name Your Price? I just did for a hotel in West Hollywood and it matched me up with Farmer's Daughter. Guess we just can't get away from Texas no matter where we go eh? Anyone been to that hotel? Reviews seem decent on various sites, but I'm still nervous about the place!

Happy Friday everyone and have a fabulous weekend!

*Posting will be light the following months as we are approaching busy season at work. However, I'm going to try and wrap up all our wedding posts by our 1 year anniversary which is rapidly approaching!

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