Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post, Post Wedding Chop

While most people do their Post Wedding Chop (PWC) relatively soon after their wedding, I waited a little while. Why? Well, I started getting attached to my long hair. It was so much fun to curl and style! Plus, I was afraid to let any one person cut it. I've had my fair share of haircuts gone bad. The only two people I trusted to cut my hair - a lady in OK and a guy in Vegas. My last haircut was in December 2009 by the guy in Vegas. By January 2011, this was what my hair looked like:
No trim or anything for 13 months! Yikes!

Fortunately and unfortunately, when my hair grows in length, it also grows in thickness, which causes constant headaches when the hair was up in a ponytail. Foodie friend, Van's sister in law was a hairstylist and offered to give me an awesome discount. Score! What's up with haircuts starting at $40+ any way?! Sheesh! While my head was ready to have the hair chopped off, I wasn't quite ready. Freaking out as I sat in the stylist chair, I asked for a trim. Of 6 inches. And major thinning out. While 6 inches might sound a good chunk, you couldn't really tell...

Fast forward to last Thursday, my hair was once again getting ridiculously long and heavy.
Sporting the Mavs jersey bc I'm going to
the Mavericks' Championship parade since
the start of the parade is only a few blocks
from where I work downtown!

Can't even see who's jersey I'm sporting!

I think I could give a Kentucky Derby
thoroughbred a run for its money when
comparing ponytails. What do you think?

With a few deep breaths of courage, I scheduled an appointment with Kathy to bid my long hair farewell. At the salon, we discussed a few options: length, style, etc. My only criteria - shoulder length. I wasn't brave enough to go any shorter than that. Plus, I knew I'd be growing my hair out for a few weddings next year. I didn't want to deal with the growing pains of hair growth during the "not long and not short phase, but can't do much with it right now" drama. Some contenders:
Gwyneth Paltrow's angled bob

Heidi Klum's layered bob

Sandra Bullock's sleek bob

The verdict?
Right after the cut. Please excuse the shiny
face. It was blistering hot outside at the
Mavs parade!

And just for kicks and giggles, I added a little volume to it via my straightener for work on Monday:
Yucky iPhone picture. Sorry!

So what do y'all think?

How long did it take you to do your post wedding chop? Were you attached to the longer hair or were you totally ready to hack it off??


  1. Found your blog while surfing for hairstyle ideas. Your hair looks way cute. My friend Amy and I both did the PWC on the same day last month, though we waited almost a year after getting married. We both had shorter hair when we got engaged, but grew it long for our weddings; then kept it long since the hubbies liked it. Long hair can look fab, but it takes a LOT of time. After talking about how much we missed our short hair, we recently decided “lets get haircuts”. So we picked an afternoon last month and went together to each other’s salons. See my haircut at this Photobucket address: http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g451/NewHampshireGail/SalonPicsGail.jpg See my friend Amy’s haircut at: http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g451/NewHampshireGail/SalonPicsAmy.jpg

    I walked into my salon with hair well past the middle of my back and left with a chin-length bob. It was quite the experience having all of my hair chopped off and piled in my lap. Between the two of us, we left almost 3 feet of hair on the salon floor that afternoon. We then met our husbands at a local restaurant for dinner where they were totally (but pleasantly) shocked when they saw us. I just LOVE my short hair and want to go even shorter. GAIL



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