Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Mondays!

Sorry this is a day late and I haven't updated in a week! Such a bad blogger. Work is consuming me, but I know it's no excuse. I do have potential exciting news though so stick with me will ya?

Today's Random Monday Emoticon :

Item in question:
For work, Andrew was sent to Durant, OK, which is about an hour North of Dallas (or so the Choctaw Casino commercials tell me). Van wanted to take a road trip and surprise Andrew so she called the hubs and I up to see if we would like to accompany her on the trip. She offered to drive so we thought heck, why not! Since we were going to wait for Andrew to get off work to have dinner with him, a quick pit stop at a fast food joint was a must. Two hungry chicas - no bueno! Since we're the most indecisive people ever, we pulled into the first fast food joint we saw at the next exit - Taco Bell. And no Mexican food is really complete without salsa right? But if your salsa has the same thought as you, well, you know it's going to be a good day!

Has any coincidental good incidents happened to you?

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