Monday, July 4, 2011

Random Mondays!

Today's Random Mondays Emoticon:

Item in question:
The city's informal town hall is held every Saturday at our shop. These guys crack us up and are like informal door greeters to all our customers (because they literally know every single person in town). It's also becoming the place to meet up! For example, the town's football team has breakfast at our place every Friday. It's the place to grab breakfast before any sports games/meets or even for church on Sundays. And most recently, we're the convening place for boy scouts! How cool is that! I couldn't be more proud of what our "mom and pop shop" has become and am excited to see what's in store next. The people here are what really make it what it is. Plus, the hubster is such a social butterfly and is somewhat a local celebrity, but I'll let him tell you that story!
There's more of them, but they couldn't all sit at the
already extrapolated table without violating the fire code!


Happy 4th of July everyone!! Thank you to all our men and women in the service for all that you do for our country! Hope you're all enjoying some good ole BBQ and spending quality time with your loved ones!

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  1. Maybe you should consider expanding......



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