Friday, August 19, 2011

The Final Rundown

Everyone says practice makes perfect, and I whole heartily agree. When we signed the contract with our officiant, Marty, we had the option of having him there for rehearsal or just the day of. For an extra $100, I totally wanted him there for our trial run. We were also the first couple of all our friends to do the American style ceremony of walking down the aisle (traditionally, it's been cultural wedding ceremony held at the home of the bride that lasted hours and hours and hours and hours...), and I wanted everyone to be fully aware of what's going on.

So let's get practicing! When everyone get here that is...

Normally, going over your allotted time equates to shelling out the green backs like they grow on trees. Unfortunately, that wasn't even an option for us this evening as Marty is officiating a wedding two hours after the conclusion of our rehearsal. Overtime - what overtime?!

As a total Type-A bride, I made an extremely detailed itinerary documenting all events and timing, then diligently emailed them to all the V.I.P.s of the wedding with an authoritative, but loving reminder to read through the itinerary thoroughly and please, please, please, please be on time because of the whole extra green backs mentioned above. But alas, I had some tardies and had to proceed with rehearsal without them. However, we did have a full house of family members to shower us with love and support! Let's rehearse!

*My apologies on the crummy pictures ahead, my lil cousin took them and focus was not a priority apparently!

The soon-to-be in-laws

Mi familia with my uncles from Cali and Australia!

With family taking a comfy seat, we were in the directions of Marty.
I have absolutely no idea what made me make
this face, but apparently what was being said
was freakin. hilarious.

Rinse and repeat x4 because remember, practice makes perfect (and a happy bride)! And with that, we were applauded for our good work and dismissed for rehearsal dinner!

How did your rehearsal go?

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  1. Sorry! We tried to make it the best we can! If I was the bride,that would have drove me nuts! Sorrrrrrry! Thank you for forgiving us!



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