Friday, August 26, 2011

Thank You

With everybody present and a few practice runs, it was time to refuel our minds, body, and soul with delicious food at rehearsal dinner! Destination: Texas Land & Cattle. Nothing warms a belly like some yummy steak.

Only, it would be great if they didn't double book us with another party. *facepalm* I called and reserved us the private dining room 2 months in advance. What the heezy?! Where am I supposed to take a party of 30 people now?! I was ready to pull my bridezilla card out and let the management team at Texas Land & Cattle really have a piece of my mind. I'm the freaking bride and my wedding is TOMORROW. As in less than 12 hours from now, I'm supposed to be in a blissful state of mind because it's supposed to be the happiest day of my life. I've freaking planned this wedding to a T and you freakin double book me?! I have 30 hungry people who flew across the globe to be here!! &@*&$%@&*73($)^!

Fortunately, I only said that to my bridal party and my future brother-in-law (FBIL). 30 minutes had gone by and I was on the verge of tears. The guys decided to hit up the bar while my FBIL took me outside to discuss other options and even offered to pick up the tab where ever it was we decided to re-locate to. Before we settled on a new location, the manager of TL&C informed us that the private dining room at their other location 20 minutes away was vacant and that if we wanted to head that way, the manager would be sure to take care of us.

Stressed and upset, everyone was an awesome sport and said they'd make the drive. The guys paid their bar tab and we piled back into our cars and drove over to the other location. Fortunately, upon arrival, the manager at this location had prepped the private room for us and loaded us up on appetizers while we glanced over the dinner menu. Ordering was quick and painless; and food was served quickly thereafter. Now that's what I'm talking about!!

With fully bellies all around and content of food satisfaction (or was it food coma?) on their faces, the soon to be hubby and I stood up and gave our Thank You and Appreciation speech to our wonderful bridal party and our family (some who flew from Australia and Cali, others who drove hours and hours) for being a part of our big day. We were who we were because of them and none of this could have happened without their love and support. The soon to be hubby's voice crackled at the hint of tears building up and I took over to finish off our impromptu thank you speech and hand my girls their thank you presents.

I had my girls fill out a lil questionnaire about themselves at the very beginning of wedding planning and went to Charming Charlie's to pick out a purse that fit their personality then stuffed it with their favorite items.

Meanwhile, the manager informed us that they would also be serving us complimentary dessert of our choice between cheesecake and chocolate cake! Yum!! The chocolate cake was divine and I nearly devoured it all before my MOH reminded me that I had a particular gown to fit into in the morning. But I.just.couldn't.put.the.fork.down!! Oops!

Once the tab was closed (major thanks and love to my FBIL for picking up the rehearsal dinner tab), we all mingled outside to decide how we should end the evening. The adults bid us good night and to not do anything too crazy. After numerous ideas being tossed around, we decided to be home bodies and have a slumber party at our awesome suite.

Once we arrived at the hotel, the soon to be hubby was exhausted surviving the week on less than 3 hours of sleep a day while working 12+ hours a day at the shop. We kissed each other one last time as boyfriend and girlfriend and looked forward to tomorrow when we would be husband and wife (holy cow! Husband! Wife!).

The rest of us headed up to the suite and got comfy. The girls gathered together on one of the beds in pajamas and various snacks and just had good ole girl talk filled with stories, love, tears, and belly busting laughter. I seriously thought we were going to get a call from the hotel management informing us we were disturbing the other hotel guests with our giddy and laughter. Either we weren't as loud as I thought we were or the other hotel guests were super sweet because we never got the call. Phew! Meanwhile, the guys did what they do best. Numerous rounds of poker and blackjack over the luxurious conference table with plenty of beer to go around. 3am rolled around before we even knew it, and we all decided we should get some sleep since the makeup artist arrives at 7:30am to kick start the Big Day. We were fortunate and lucky enough that the suite had enough beds and couches to accommodate everyone so that we could all get a good few hours of sleep!

Did you have any issues at rehearsal dinner? How did you end your night before the big day?

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