Friday, September 16, 2011

Always & Forever: All in the Family

As newly branded husband and wife, we tackled the next activity on our fun filled day of wedding bliss - tea ceremony for our elders.
My father made an announcement that everyone was free to go and enjoy refreshments at the reception location, but if they wished to stay and observe the tea ceremony, they were more than welcome to. Amazingly, 75% of our guests hung around!
Not sure what it was, but the giggles never seemed to stop. Guess the saying "your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life" is true!
My brother acted as the MC for announcing our side of the family.
First up, were my aunts from Cali. These ladies came a week prior to the wedding and made me dinner every night! Yum for awesome home cooking! Oh, and the eldest of the 4 sisters has 8 kids so her house always has something cooking and readily available for consumption!

Following was my uncles also from Cali proceeded by my uncle from the land down under!

Meanwhile, my aunts and uncles from OK just couldn't wait for their turn!
Before they knew, it was their turn! You bet they hurried on up to their seats! haha!
Apparently, everyone else found it quite humorous as well.
My favorite aunt and uncle joined us next.
What I didn't expect was what I felt when we embraced.
It was unlike any embrace I have ever felt. I could feel goosebumps crawling up my arms followed by an enormous surge of love. Tears of love and pride tumbled down her face.
Cue ugly cry face that was relentless about allowing me to regain my composure. I looked to the hubby, and he too was in tears. I was at a lost. I just wanted to run to where my aunt was sitting, hug and hold onto her while I cried a river, and no longer cared if it ruined my makeup.
After a few moments of subtle cry heaving and gasping, Hany looked at me and mouthed the words "Shake it like it's hot! Shake it like it's hot!" to get me to smile through my teary eyes and re-poise myself. Thanks Hany Bany! To round up my side of the family were the grandparents of my cousins.
Not missing a beat, our Best Man, Lydar, took to the mic to be the MC for the groom's side of the family. Up first, Lydar's parents! Coincident? Nah. Uncle Bo is the eldest sibling on the hubby's mom side, therefore, he's up first!
Followed by Aunt Leigh and Uncle Mark. The hubby (I can say hubby now!) and I used to visit their kids all the time, and they adored us! They moved 2 hours away about 2 years ago and we miss seeing them around.
Aunt Ky and Uncle Bo with his wife followed in suit.
Grandma Lay is one strong momma y'all! Mentally and physically! She still resides at home and cooks delicious meals. When she knows we're coming to visit, she ensures I walk home with 2lbs worth of leek dumplings, even though she knows her grandson doesn't eat a single one. Love her!
To wrap up the tea ceremony was the hubby's older brother and his wife. Our adorable nephew let us know he was in control of this bad boy and dictated the order of events!
The hubby and his nephew have a bond like no other. We live 2 hours away from our nephew also, therefore, our visits are far and few. It's amazing no matter how much time elapses between visits since William was a newborn, he always remembers Uncle Sothea. Aunt Alice is a different story...

With all formalities of the wedding complete, it was papparazzi time with friends, family, and our bridal party to get the party started!

*All photos above were taken by Colorband PhotoArtisans.

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