Friday, September 16, 2011

Always & Forever: SMILE! And Pose! And Pose! And Pose!

Weddings are like high school proms, but cost a whole lot more money and require a heck of a lot more planning (and coordination)! One thing they're identical in is the amount of pictures you take. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for pictures. They are definitely one thing in my life where at times they seem tedious and annoying, but the more the merrier. Come 20 years from now, one reliable source to reminisce about that day at that particular moment are pictures.

Now flash those cameras - EVERYONE!

First, we took formal pictures with friends and family
Constable of Collin County and his wife!
Apple fritter for the Constable and a cinnamon role for his bride,
warmed up of course!

World travellers, Mr. & Mrs. B! We want to grow up to be like them!

Mr. & Mrs. H - he still looks at his wife, everyday, with the same
dreamy eyes as when they first met and got married. We want to
 grow old and be in love like them!

Then we let loose with the bridal party.

When our photographers thought we had way too much fun and time was escaping with the reception calling us, they shoo-ed our bridal party away. It was just bride and groom time. Over 12 hours later, this was the first time we were alone and got to really revel in what all has happened.
What seemed like just 30 minutes, our session was over. It was time to retreat to the suite to get me bustled up and head over to the reception site. I'm ready for food and dancing! Who's with me?

Side note: Our cell phones would not stop ringing during the bride and groom pictures due to logistical issues with seating arrangements, where the DJ booth was to be setup, etc. Note to future brides: hand your phone over to your best man and/or MOH or someone delegated to handle logistic issues!! It'll save you mucho headache and stress, and allow you to enjoy your day, uninterrupted!

*All photos above are courtesy of Colorband PhotoArtisans.

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