Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Always & Forever: The Walk of a Lifetime

As the final guests were signing our guestbook with love, advice, and funny messages
and finding their seats,

the ladies and I made the exciting trek to our hiding quarters to make me a married woman.

My dad and I anxiously waited and secretly peered into the Peacock Terrace to get a glimpse of the ceremony site and all our friends and family since we have yet to see it all.

Shortly thereafter, the pianist struck his first chord of Claire De Lune to announce that the ceremony was commencing.

First in the processional was the soon (like a few minutes away soon - eep!)-to-be hubby's grandmother escorted by a really close family friend that we consider as a cousin any way, Hak.

Followed by the groom's parents.

Then concluding the parental processional was my mother escorted by my cousin, Derek.

The officiant took his place on stage as a brief pause in the processional allowing the parents to get situated in their seat.

Moments later, the groom and groomsmen promptly filed out to join the officiant and take their place at the stage.

A change in tune signified the bridesmaids were to be introduced followed by the ring bearer and the flower girl.

One final tune change to Canon in D meant I was up next. Another deep breath and a nervous comment to my dad, "Are you ready?" which was meant more for me, my father and his mini me linked arms

to take the first step towards the walk of our lifetime.
Down a wedding aisle.

Adorned with all the people who have made and continue to make a lasting impression and impact on our lives.

When we reached the end of the aisle to join our officiant and bridal party,

I looked at my soon to hubby and saw this expression.

He had tears building up in his eyes that were promising to come streaming down his face on demand. I looked towards my bridesmaid for support to fight the ugly cry face, but was only greeted with more tears and sniffles.

I had to look away in hopes of gathering my composure and attempt not to ruin my makeup. Hey! I paid good money for it!

With the contagious plague of love and tears spreading, our officiant welcomed everyone and was determined to add some humor and plenty of laughter to our ceremony.

Side note: There's not one picture of me and my dad walking down the aisle where I am looking straight on down the aisle because I was so thankful for the presence of everyone that I looked around and said "thank you" with my eyes to as many people as I could. These people took the time out of their busy lives to partake on my special day. I could feel the love radiating throughout the Peacock Terrace and I was truly overwhelmed.

*All photos above were taken by Colorband PhotoArtisans.

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