Monday, February 13, 2012

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I'm a HUGE advocate of reading reviews prior to making reservations at a location or purchasing an item. I toss out the OMG! This is the best... and OMG! This is *&$%@^ reviews then revel in everything else. The amount of time I spend researching and reviewing things prior to committing might be a bit excessive. Excessive meaning, hours spent one day only to continue contemplating the next two, three, four days. Then re-reviewing the following day. And maybe the following, following day also. Yea. That kind of excessive. Total Type A over here - duh!

Any how, while I read tons of reviews, I've never been the one to actually write a review. Why? Probably laziness with a side of eh, I don't really care to. Who am I kidding. It's definitely laziness.

During our Christmas 2011 trip (which I still need to finish re-capping. Oops!), the hubby and I utilized Yelp and various other reviewing sources like crazy. Boy, were they helpful!! It helped decide our daily meals and adventures. When we came back from our trip, I decided that I would start writing reviews on TripAdvisor for everything we did and everywhere we stayed, and on Yelp for everywhere we ate. Check out this report TripAdvisor emailed me the other day.
I only have done 14 reviews, but have reached 1,696 readers?! Get out of here!!

Seriously, how freaking cool is that?! I'm definitely going to continue writing reviews, but for everything. Bought something - review! Ate somewhere - review! Stayed somewhere - review! Did an adventure - review! Now, I'm a read AND write review go crazy kind of gal. Yikes!

Are you an advocate for reading review prior to committing something? What about writing them?

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  1. I definitely read reviews prior to hotel booking or major purchases! Its good that you write them! Im usually too lazy to do so >.>



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