Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Valentine's day (along with many other holidays) are now super commericalized, and is one of the holidays the hubby and I don't really "celebrate". I get him a card to acknowledge the occasion, but that's about it. Do you really need a holiday to remind you not to take your loved ones for granted to and to show them that? For some, maybe they do. For us, that display of gratitude and affection happens every day starting with a kiss and I Love You good bye as we start off our day, as we greet each other welcome home, and good night as we close our eyes in the arms of one another in place we call our home.

While Valentine's day is just another day for us, my sweet hubby decided to drive 50 minutes after a 9 hour work shift at the shop to surprise me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers* and to have lunch with me at Blue Fish.
Please pardon the background noise and just focus on
the flowers mkay? Thanks!

On a last minute decision, we met up with our close friends Vandrew, Sopie, and Ly for dinner a Kobe Steaks. This place has by far the most tender filet mignon's for a hibachi joint. Delish! Romantic one on one dinners are a thing of the past. A fabulous dinner with your closest friends are so in!

How was your Valentine's day?

*According to the hubby, the original bouquet he ordered had lots of calla lilies (my fave!), but when he went go pick it up, the florist couldn't find it and said someone else must have taken it. Really?! What's up with people jacking my floral arrangements?? FYI - someone took my wedding bouquet during our reception. Lame!

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  1. Beautiful flowers!! Sorry that they weren't the original ones that your husband ordered.



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