Friday, February 25, 2011

Bittersweet Fridays

While most people are exclaiming TGIF and have rocking (or relaxing) plans for the weekend, I wrap up my week at the corporate job to get ready to start my donut job on the weekend. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to work there so that I could sleep in and be lazy bum bum or at least take the opportunity to clean up our can't.stay.clean house. During the crazy winter storm, I got to work from home so I took advantage of it and did a thorough cleaning of the house. It took me literally 2 days, and not even a week later, it looks like I never cleaned it. What the crap?! Or when our friends and family come into town, we could spend quality time with them or stay out late. With working hours of 3am till 1pm, nap time comes around 4-5pm and we're lights out for the remainder of the day. Boo!! As mentioned before, I love our shop and the loyal customer base we've built and I know that this rough schedule will set us up for something greater in the future!! Enough of the waa waa waa stuff!

Earlier in the week, I mentioned my lame wardrobe and am in desperate need of a closet face lift. So here's my work wardrobe this week. (I totally need a new camera btw! This point and shoot just isn't cutting it anymore. Sorry for the blurry pix below. Sigh... Any camera suggestions??)

please excuse the water marks in the mirror.
 I was at my parent's house and um yea!

No Tuesday because we drove home and I totally forgot
before we left the parent's house and when I got home
 to our house - boo!

I just realized all I wear are sweaters that make me look frumpy! No bueno!! I have put on some weight during the past few months, but that's another post. It's definitely not hiding that fact, it's actually adding to it!! Super sad face!

What do I need to add/change to spice up my closet? Suggestions of different articles of clothing are welcome too!! Any camera suggestions also?? Happy Friday!!

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