Thursday, February 24, 2011

(Previous) Home Sweet Home

I was born and raised in Oklahoma (BOOMER SOONER!) and moved to Texas after I graduated for my first career job as an IT Consultant in the field of Sarbanes-Oxley and IT/Internal Audit. OK is pretty mellow and has very few things to do aka your friends house, the mall, and the movies were the only hang out places. Despite everyone constantly claiming they were bored, I loved it in OK! Aunt Kate was the coolest aunt ever and when her two sons were born, they were more like brothers to me than cousins. I mean, they practically lived at my parent's place and went everywhere with us - literally. I acted as the parent on one of my baby cousin's (he's not a baby anymore at 14 years of age and standing at 5'9", but I still consider him as such) school field trip and he didn't know how to introduce me to his classmates so he identified me as his sister-cousin. HA! So when the hubs prompted me to go visit them, I couldn't be more excited!! 5 months and 3.5 hours later - we made it! Baby cousin, Damon, even made me a pair of penguin pajama pants in his home economics class as a welcome present!!

Close up of the pattern
I totally heart pajama pants to the point of an unhealthy obsession.

Another Oklahoma-ite that the hubs and I miss terribly - our dog, Wrigs (Wrigley). I bought Wrigs for the hubs back in summer of 2006 during my Dallas internship from a college friend. My mom eventually fell in love with Wrigs and asked if she could babysit him for us while we went on our Spring Break trip. Money saving opportunity - heck yea! Upon our return from an awesome ski trip, mom requested another week with Wrigs. Well, you know where this is going already... Mom eventually refused to give Wrigs back. We're happy with the decision though with me being so far away from home and my brother away at college. He provides excellent company. When he comes down to visit us or when we get the rare opportunity to visit him, he always always always sleeps with hubs and I - smack dab in the middle of the bed in between us.

Already in the middle our first night there

His innocent "what mommy??" look

He also loves to lean on us and use us a pillow. Leaning on the hubs thighs like a big boy.

Awkward moment:
My parents wanted to go to the mall so we all went. When I asked them where did they want to go shop at, they responded, "Where ever you want". Hubs and I just leisurely walked and they just trekked behind us - the entire time!! Um... why??

Check out this bra and panty set inlaid with Swarovski crystals from Victoria's Secret at the mall:
Only $50 for the panties!

Do your family members act a lil weird/awkward around you when you haven't seen them in awhile?

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