Friday, February 11, 2011

Lost: Wedding Ring, Reward if found!

I know what you're all thinking, I've lost my wedding rings. Actually, it's the hubby that's lost his wedding ring! Here's how I was informed via text:

Hubs: My love, you're going to hate me forever.

Moi: Babe, I could never hate you forever. I might be mad at you for awhile, but never hate, never the less forever!

Hubs: Yes you can because I hate me now! My ring slipped off somewhere today and I don't know where...

As you may recall, the hubby works at the donut shop and with his hands all day so I guess I should have known that this might happen sooner or later. Regardless, I was absolutely heart broken at the news. I know it's just a material item that can be easily replaced by going online and clicking on the "Add to cart" button and then patiently waiting a few days for it to arrive on my doorstep. And our love for each other is what matters most, not some materialistic item. Yet, I can't overcome the sentimental value behind the original ring. It's the one all our friends and family blessed at our wedding a mere 5 months ago. It's the one that I put on his wedding finger as I declared my love and vow to stand by him, love him, and encourage him for as long as we both shall live. The one I always catch my self smiling at when I glance down at his hand. So what now??? Have you ever lost something of immense sentimental value? How did you overcome that heart break??

Picture taken by Colorband PhotoArtisans


  1. O that would break my heart too! Also thanks for checking out my blog!!

  2. Oh I've had nightmares about this! I took a religious studies class at OU during my last semester, which was right before the wedding, and the professor told us a story about losing 5 different wedding rings. It has haunted me ever since. I'm so sorry for you about the loss, but glad you can at least value it as a material loss only.



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