Friday, April 1, 2011

Christmas in April

I've mentioned before how I'm a total cheap ass when it comes buying things for myself. When it comes to almost anybody else, these babies - $$$$ - don't seem to exist or at least don't have such a huge impact on my decision to purchase or not. Case in point, I really, really, really, and I mean really want the coveted KitchenAid mixer
Which model? Nylon coated or burnished beaters?
I have no idea, but red is a must! But it's for how much?!

My poor wedding dress has been hanging on a hanger by its chinny chin chin hanging straps - 7 months after our wedding.
I will bite the bullet and just get it over with. Soon.

My hands and feet desperately need a mani/pedi. I've only gotten these a handful of times in my life. Literally. Junior and Senior prom (1, 2), when I was a bridesmaid in my cousin in law's wedding (3), my bridal portraits (4), and our wedding (5)! My cuticles need major TLC, but the nail technician would cringe in disbelief at how morbid they are. It doesn't help I work at the shop and clean my hands a thousand times a day, which means they're uber dry. Ew! At least my nails are strong and can grow and grow and grow...

Oh so pretty... Mine - not so much.

My work shoes have long outlived their life expectancy, but I make them hang in there with frequent stops at the shoemakers. Anybody else have issues with their heel caps wearing down way too soon??
I need new work shoes - stat!

Then of course there's always the need to update my work wardrobe to accomodate the new trends and season. Shopping spree anyone?? *insert big sly grin* I know, I know, my Christmas list in April are all wants and no needs, but let's not get too technical okay? New work clothes and shoes is a need right? I mean, I gotta look professional and kempt, otherwise, how else am I going to afford my need for the KitchenAid mixer to try all the delicious recipes that keep showing up in my Google Reader??? Don't mind the current mixer hanging out in our kitchen. It's um, a place holder! Yea! A place holder/decoration... =D

What's your take on buying stuff for yourself versus for others? Any recommendations on which KitchenAid mixer I should get (when I decide to close my eyes and just hand over my credit card)?

Happy Friday everyone and have an awesome weekend! North Texas is expecting upper 80's this weekend - fabulous! Just no wind please mkay? Thanks!


  1. I want a kitchen aid mixer too! Although I have no idea what kind, so I guess I'm not really much of a help there

  2. I had major problems with the artisan kitchenaid mixer (it leaked oil into my food), but am having much better luck with the professional series! :)

  3. @BigAppleNosh - Thanks for the helpful info!!



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