Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap (Apr 2 & Apr 3)

Lame. That was my weekend. The End.

How was yours?

If you really want to know the lame details, here's the low down on my weekend:

Our beloved washer displayed the dreaded Sud error proceeded with the F35 code. I checked the manual first to no avail so to the trusted Google I went. After some genius Googling, resources stated I need to fork over $100+ for a new part plus $300 if I want a repairman to do the manual labor. No thank you! That's what daddys and husbands are for right??? Totally! It says so on their job/life descriptions.

It's only the beginning of April and yet, this is the third major fail in our house. Our current repair bill - just shy of $900. What the crap?! One of the tortures luxuries of being a homeowner. Aren't taxes due in a few weeks too? Is there a money tree growing on my property I don't know about?? I need to go buy a lottery ticket - stat! Or does someone have more money than they know what to do with and want to sponsor some home repairs for me??? I'll be your BFF! =D No? Okay. It was worth a try because you never know. Any way, so we spent ALL DAY Saturday after the shop washing our clothes at the laundromat. Super lame!

The shop will be down an employee tomorrow and my MIL is super awesome and has agreed to come help us out so that I don't have to work a double (work at the shop from 3am till 6am, then head to corporate job from 8am till 5pm). So Sunday was spent driving 4+ hours to go pick up her up.

The End. Don't say I didn't warn you prior to proceeding! On the other hand, our flowerbed is getting a face lift today and I can't wait!! Happy Monday!!

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