Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I forsee a joyous party for you in 2010

2 weeks after we got home from our annual/Christmas/Proposal vaca, we sat down to decide if we wanted a September 2010 wedding or an April/May 2011 wedding. We weighed the pros and cons of each and a quick coin toss later, September 2010 won the bet. While we aren't superstitious people, we left it up to my parents to pick an auspicious date for us. Hey, a little extra good juju wouldn't hurt! A couple weeks later, my parents announced the grand scheme of things was to take place on... dum dum dummmm - September 18, 2010*!

With the date set, I hit wedding planning with a dead on sprint y'all. I didn't even give the poor hubs time to stretch in anticipation of the sprint. Plus he was super occupied with the shop and told me to just tell him when and where to be, and the rest was up to me (hey, I rhymed! neato beneato. I did it again)!

Armed with this inspiration board...
Top to bottom, left to right:

...wedding planning was complete. In less than a month.

Yup! Ladies and gentleman, I treated wedding planning like a business and knocked the whole thing out within a month. By myself. Sadly, that means I didn't get to fully enjoy planning our wedding nor get to do all the cute DIY projects I encountered on WeddingBee the following month! Booo! Which also means my planning posts will lack A LOT of pictures. Super sad face!

Up next, meeting the important people for the big day and the only tears I shed during wedding planning.

*We later found out in late March/early April 2010 that Sept. 18, 2010 wasn't an auspicious date after all! Oops! Good thing we're not superstitious because could you imagine the headache and chaos that would have ensued otherwise??? Oh man...

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