Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bed of flowers!

As you may (or may not) recall, my battle with yard weeds started 3 weeks ago. I saw some improvement 2 weeks ago, but was still super embarrassed about having absolutely no curb appeal. Here's a quick lil reminder of how my (non-existent) curb appeal looked like:
Not pretty. At all.

Yesterday, Empire Landscaping made me a proud home owner by giving me this:

Y'all, I'm so excited about our flowerbed!! I could smell the fresh mulch when I opened my front door (I have a weird obsession with smelling wood at Home Depot or any lumber yard really). They planted Indian Hawthornes, Nana Nandinas,

an assortment of perennials

and 2 knockout roses

*tear* It'!! And it's super easy to maintain so no more weeds in my flower bed. Ever!!! Muahahaha!

Now back to getting my washer into operating matter. I wonder if the landscaping people found any buried money??? Even if they did, they'd probably would keep it to themselves huh? D'oh!!   (>_<)


  1. Oh, your flowerbeds are lovely! I love mulch is weird, but it smells so nice and fresh. :)

    It looks great!!

  2. I really appreciate the insight here in this post and confident it's going to be helpful to me .Thanks.



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