Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Mondays!

Today's Random Monday emoticon:

Item in question:
Something in the hubby's brain the other night made him spontaneously want to learn to speak Chinese all of the sudden. Or maybe my griping about how he never has the desire to learn my native tongue, but I can somewhat hold my own when speaking Khmer. That's besides the point. Plus, he's the one that approached me about learning Chinese.

Moving on. He also recently jumped off the Blackberry bandwagon and hopped onto the iPhone bandwagon. Mostly because the iPhone has more apps (read: games. Boys!). So we browsed the App store to see what (free) apps were available in regards to learning Chinese. We found a couple, but this one totally baffled me. This app offered two courses: Essentials and Flirting. Essentials were the basic "Hello", "Goodbye", "I'm sorry", etc. Flirting on the other hand. Oh. my. word. For some, maybe this repulsive  forwardness approach is their way of flirting, but as a girl, if some guy came up to me and said these lines, I'd run far, far, far away. Then again, I also couldn't help my literally laugh my ass off as I was scrolling down the page. Oops!

Have you ever encountered interesting phrases or approaches to learning a different language?


  1. Holy macaroni! Keep the condom and the stalking far far away from my ass! Even tvb does not go that far! You sure you were on a teaching Chinese website and not soft porn? Hahahaha



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